Tips for a long life by the oldest woman in the world


On March 9th 2019 Cane Tacana from Japan was pronounced to be the oldest woman alive by the official Guinness Book of Records. She is 116 years old but besides her age she enjoys every single day to the fullest. A lots of questions followed because everyone wants to know the recepie for a long and quality life, so she reveals her daily routine and gives some advices to follow if you want to reach her age.

The long life of the oldest woman in the world

Cane Tacana was born on second of January 1903. She has been the seventh child in her family. Later she got five children with her husband Hideo Tanaca whom she had met the day she married him. Hideo has got a family business for production and export of rice, traditional Japanese sweets and noodles. In 1973 Hideo was called for a military service which only made Cane to get more involved in the family business. Her first son, Nobuo, was called for a miliraty service in 1943 and was kept as a prissioner untill he eventually went back home in 1947 after the Second World War. Cane kept on working in the family business untill her retirement at the age of 63.


The simple yet useful tips by Cane

There are some patterns and rules which Cane made a long time ago for herself and sticked to them because she was convinced they will bring her success, long and healthy life as well as peace. Therefore she shares her routines which are suitable for every single person regardless of where does he comes from, how old is he now, does he has a job or not or whether he is rich or poor. The great will is what moves us forwards, she sais. Love your life and follow the following tips:

  • Wake up early – Cane wakes up at 6 o’clock and she’s ready to start the day no matter how early it is.
  • Develop your brain – One of her favourite activities are reading books and practicing and learning matematics. She learns something new every day.
  • Keep on being socially active and outgoing – Cane nowadays is an expert in social games and she enjoys playing with the people from the residence where she lives currently. She’s the one who always has the inniciative for the activities.
  • Eat a lots of chocolate and drink a lots of coffee – That’s what Cane does on a daily basis. On the ceremony of the Guinness Book of Records she was given a box of chocolate which she immidiatelly unpacked in order to eat them. When they asked them how much of them will she eat that day she calmly replied “a hundred”.
  • Love your family – First of all you have to accept each one of them as they are so you won’t have headeaches, claims Cane. They play a big role when my happiness is in question. Just keep the faith no matter what. For an interview, at the age of 113, she revealed: “Now that I came that far, I have no other choice but to give my best. I will do it!” 

In 2018 Cane said she would like to see herself beating her own record with 120 years old.