Tips For A Memorable Marriage Commitment


Are you thinking about committing to your partner? Do you want to make it an exceptional and unique moment? Below are tips to make this enormous decision a genuinely magical experience.

The hand request is one of the most special moments for you and your partner; it is the perfect moment to strengthen the love you have, radically change the status of your relationship and where your girlfriend will take an exciting surprise for the rest of her lifetime. Therefore, if you are about to take that significant step and want your marriage proposal to have a different, original, memorable and creative touch that captivates your partner’s heart, here are some beautiful ideas that will make the spirit vibrate and soul of your future wife an unforgettable way.


Surprise Destination

Choose a city that has a special meaning for you and your partner or that you have planned to visit together. Organize the entire itinerary, deliver an invitation without discovering the destination and that it is only the same day of the trip that she knows. Once there, locate an ideal place or one that allows you to generate a romantic and magical atmosphere to make your proposal. Remember that most women dream of this moment as much as at their wedding, so it is crucial to choose a proposal that matches their personality and makes her very happy. Giving an engagement ring will seal a promise of love for life.

Romantic Dinner Facing The Sea

Although this proposal sounds traditional, it all depends on the place you choose to do it. The ideal scenario is to locate an ample space, terrace type overlooking the sea, which allows them to have a complete panorama of the landscape. 

The Thread

Tie a thread to the engagement ring. Store the ring in a special place and take a tour of the space with the thread. Let your partner discover the end of this and start the journey until you find the big surprise. During the trip, accompany and express everything you feel for her. Another alternative to this idea is to store the ring with the thread in the pockets of your pants, with one of its tips stuck out. The moment your girlfriend is curious, she will pull it and discover what you hide inside. 

Written On The Sand

A statement on a beach will always be romantic for a compromise. If you feel like giving it a touch of simplicity and recursion, you have to write the magic words; do you want to marry me, on the sand with a unique decoration. To read this proposal more clearly, take your partner to a higher place.

Surprise Gift

If your goal is really to surprise your girlfriend and have the best time of her life, you should cut the bottom of a large box, wrap it in wrapping paper and place a card that says “Here you will find the best gift that will last you forever.” Send this great gift to your home or office with you inside.

Looking For The Treasure

A fun way in which she will be an active participant is to organize an observation or rally race. Think about the most significant moments of your relationship that have to do with you and your love story, to create riddles or questions in each season. Each time you solve or pass the stages, you will win a piece of the puzzle. Having all the parts, you will be ready to join them, read your marriage proposal, and receive the jackpot: your engagement ring. Visit the website for these quality engagement rings.