Tips for Booking A Wedding Band


Many of us can agree that a live band is such an exciting part of a wedding reception. This can also mean that the pressure is on to find a band that will only complement your day rather than detract from it. Plenty of us have heard about weddings ‘gone wrong’, where something unplanned and stressful happened, and some of us have heard these nightmare stories be about a band not showing up, instruments not being prepared, or a drummer that was more interested in putting in as many fills into a song as possible over playing the actual song – yes, an actual nightmare.
So, with this now at the forefront of things you would like to avoid on your big day, this article will offer some tips on how you can book the ideal band for your wedding and avoid getting caught short (to the best of your ability).

Consider Your Guests and Their Audience

First of all, consider what it is you would like from a band for your wedding day. What style, what genre, many or limited musicians, how long you would like them to play, and any detail you can think of, then work from there. 

It is also important to think about your guests too, as you will want them to be comfortable and have an enjoyable experience with you.
That being said, there will be the grumpy cousin in law who doesn’t “like this type of music” or the great grandad that swears music is now ‘noise’ and not like it was ‘back in the day’ –  just rember that it is and will always be impossible to please everybody. However, this is your big day, so find common ground you think the majority in the room will enjoy and look through those options without worry.

Pick from Reputable Sources

There’s no doubt that your dad’s best mate who never played an instrument before the age of 40 is good, but for your wedding day, you will want to be looking for musicians and bands that have had not only a decent amount of experience under their belt but also have people who can verify that experience in the form of reviews. Don’t be afraid to check out their songs, see them live if that’s an option, and read the reviews extensively to build up a decent picture of the bands you are thinking about choosing. For those who are based in the South East of the UK, why not opt for wedding bands South East, as you will be more likely to be able to see them in action. Taking all of this into consideration, you are more likely to avoid disappointment and have a much more seamless experience on a day that demands a lot of your emotional energy.

Make Sure the Venue Can Accommodate

Many wedding venues will do whatever it takes to make sure they can cater for your dream day, which includes having all the modifications such as live band facilities etc. Just be sure to check noise rules and other logistics before booking either the venue or the band (depending on which one is priority), so you are not stuck with one and without the other!