Tips for Decorating Your Sunroom


More people are getting passionate about decorating their homes to achieve their comfort, function, and aesthetic goals. During the coronavirus pandemic, one of the hobbies that has garnered the most attention from homeowners is taking care of indoor plants. This is why there has been a great deal of interest in decorating a sunroom. Sunrooms are usually an addition to your home that you can use as a space for entertaining guests, a place to rest, or to appreciate the outdoors but with protection from heat and insects. To help you decorate your sunroom, here are some tips to get you started.

Invest In Good Furniture 

To start decorating your sunroom, you must first decide on how your sunroom should function. Determine if your space will be for dining extension, an area for plants, a lounge, or if it can serve more than one activity. After you make the decision, choose long-lasting furniture as part of your future investment. There are fade-resistant fabrics that are durable enough to withstand harsh conditions, such as bright sunlight. Unlike leathers that crack quickly, dries, and fades fast in your sunroom, furniture made with fabrics is a better option. You may also want to consider wicker and rattan furniture, as they’re easy to repair once damaged. Change the color or pattern of your cushions for a new and different look.

Choose Your Design Concept

There are plenty of design concepts that you can choose to help you decide on what items you should put in your sunroom. Recognizing your preferred concept in decorating your sunroom will help you execute with function, purpose, and flair. Most sunrooms are extensions of a house, and it is better to use a modern design concept with minimal furnishings to help blend with the main structure. You may choose bold and colorful patterns for contemporary design concepts. If you want to use a traditional design, you need to use classic furnishings to highlight symmetry

Show Your Personality

One way of decorating your sunroom is incorporating your personality into the area. You may use your favorite pillows or accent furniture to create an inexpensive way of decorating your sunroom. Also, consider storage spaces in your sunroom for your cushions or even blankets. 

Use Rugs, Textiles, or Draperies

The use of rugs, textiles, or draperies adds more color to your sunroom. They are suitable materials for making your decoration better. Plus, they are also great in controlling the amount of natural lighting in your sunroom. According to Van Isle Glass, direct and constant sunlight exposure can damage the window glass over time. That’s why adding curtains can add protection from intense heat. 

To protect your floor, you may use rugs if you don’t have carpeted flooring. Rugs are mildew-resistant, which preserves your floor from humidity. Accent pillows are also great additions in decorating your sunroom that is also functional and fun furnishings.

Define Sunroom’s Function

Before you even start decorating your sunroom, you have to first clearly define how you intend to use the space. Will you use it to house your indoor plants? Do you want to have it as an extension of your house? If you can be a little creative, you can use your sunroom for both. 

Extending your house with a sunroom is an excellent way of enjoying your natural surroundings. To add more life to your sunroom, add some plants for your decoration. Large or small potted plants will add more color to your sunroom. One big thing to avoid when decorating your sunroom is placing precious artworks on display here. The intense sunlight can damage the paint and fade the colors, making it look dull or smudged.