Tips For Designing a Room if You Live in The USA


Being a US citizen is truly big luck, and there’s a lot to be proud of, so it’s a great idea to reflect your pride and patriotism in your home interior! Below are some great ideas to add a touch of the great country to your indoor design. 

1. Hang or Paint The Map of the USA on the Wall

The map of the USA is one of the most recognized maps in the whole world, so it’ll look impressive in your interior. You can either paint the map on your biggest living room wall or order a United States wooden map made by professional artists. 

2. Go With Your State Flavour

There are 50 states in the US, each of them with unique history, symbols, and items associated with the state culture. Dig into the history of your state to find items and styles that can be included in the interior of your house. They could be:

  • artworks
  • sculptures
  • upholstery
  • pieces of furniture
  • flags

3. Use National Colors

Hanging the Star-Spangled Banner in one of your rooms will already make it look more special. But you can also paint the flag on one of the walls or create the entire interior design with the national colors in mind. 

4. Hang Paintings of Historical People & Moments

The history of the US is a book of great reforms, battles, inventions, discoveries, and, first of all, people. You can commemorate all these in your house interior by hanging paintings that show great people or demonstrate important pages of American history. For example, you can purchase a copy of the declaration of independence, hang a portrait of Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors in history, or install a bust of George Washington or any other historical personality. 

5. Name Items as Great US Cities

The US is the country with the largest number of famous cities. New York, Washington, Chicago, Houston, Pittsburg, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and many many more. You can salute all these great cities by purchasing decorative items with their names. You can buy pillows, pictures, posters, and various memorable items related to your favorite cities and decorate your room with them so you won’t forget the days you first visited these cities.  

6. Use Classic American Interior Elements

The classics of American interior design will live forever and still can make any modern room fascinating. Here are some of the elements of the classic design sсhool you can opt for today:

  • Coffered ceilings 
  • Parquet flooring 
  • Natural wood wall panels
  • Natural wood furniture
  • Copper accessories
  • Mirrors in heavy frames

7. Install Moldings

Classic ceiling moldings are timeless elements of classic American interior design. Nothing can add as much texture and character to your room as this element. An elegant crown molding can be combined with modern interior elements and will work as a portal to the more elegant times. 

Enjoy Your Interior

Now you know how to make more things in your house remind you of the country where you live. Be courageous and add everything you want to add until it makes you feel better inside. Which ideas from the list are your favorite, by the way?