Tips For Garage Door Maintenance And Care


Now that you have a new garage door installed by Family Christian Doors, it is time to find out the maintenance and care tips for the well-functional garage door for many years to come. A DIY may be able to conduct this maintenance itself. Yet, if you cannot manage or you do not want to do it yourself, you can always contact an expert garage door technician for a tuneup to do it for you. Give Family Christian Doors a call then. You can also visit to learn more. 


8 Garage Door Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

Here are the eight things that residents should look closer and maintain or repair once they notice garage door problems.  

  • Smooth Operation. Listen and look at how the garage door is operating. Does the garage door open well? Does it snatch in places? Can you hear louder sounds than usual? Can you see any cracks or notice pounding sounds? If anything sounds or looks unusual, a problem may be starting. 
  • Hardware Inspection. The garage door makes many vibrations and movements every day and every year. The garage door movements and vibrations may cause the hardware to loosen. Examine the roller brackets and bolts to ensure they are secure and tight. 
  • Balance. Over some time, garage doors may get unbalanced. You can test its balance by disengaging the garage door from the garage door opener. Remove the red release cord to detach it when the garage door is closed. After that, you can open the door halfway manually and release. The garage door should stay in place. If it does not keep in place, there must be an imbalance in its counterweight system. You have to call a professional from Family Christian Doors for expert inspection. 
  • Garage Door Rollers. Your garage door rollers need examination at least once or twice yearly and perhaps require replacement before the garage door itself demands a new one. Check for chipping, cracking, or wear. If you are confident handling them, you can replace the garage door rollers on your own. Those rollers are not connected directly to the cable system. However, if you have many rollers that need replacement, it will be easier to let Family Christian Doors handle it for you. 
  • Weatherstripping. The rubber seal found at the base part of the garage door gives protection from any elements. If the rubber seal is cracking, missing pieces, or brittle, you have to replace it. It is a simple garage door repair that most homeowners can do. You can purchase garage door weatherstripping at any home improvement or hardware stores. Cut it to the correct size, then insert it into the grooves placed at the foot of the garage door. 
  • Lubrication. You have to lubricate the moving parts yearly or if you see that there is a need. Lubricate the screws and opening chains with overhead springs with WD-40 and grease or a spray lubricant. 
  • Auto-Reverse Safety Features. The auto-reverse function makes the door to return upward if it meets something obstructing the door. There are two components to these safety measures: the electric sensor and the mechanical function. If either part meets something in its way, the garage door should reverse. Inspect the mechanical part by putting a piece of wood on the floor where the garage door touches, then employ the garage door opener system to close the garage door. The garage door should reverse once it hits the piece of wood. Examine the electric sensor by pushing the remote button to close the garage door, but before it reaches the ground, wave your hand in front of the electric sensor. The garage door should reverse. Older and outdated garage door systems may not have these features. If your garage door system does not have it, give Family Christian Doors a call. 
  • Examine the Garage Door. Lastly, do not forget the garage door itself! You have to examine the wooden garage doors for possible water damage or warping. Also, inspect the door for peeling or chipped paint. Steel garage doors may have rust or dings that require new paint. 

Contact Family Christian Doors For Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance

Family Christian Doors do not just install garage doors. We maintain garage doors, too. Visit our website to schedule a garage door inspection. Our garage door technicians can make sure that your garage door will be in its top working condition. Give us a call if you have any inquiries or concerns about your garage door. If you need garage door repair or maintenance, call us TODAY!