Tips For Having A Hobby And Why You Need One


Having a hobby is good for you. Hobbies offer health and lifestyle benefits you may never have considered. Let’s take a moment to check out a few tips for having a hobby and why you need a hobby or two in your life.

Tips For Having A Hobby

  1. Pick something you enjoy doing. If you don’t love it, it will become work, not a hobby.
  2. Pick a hobby that fits your budget. While purchasing yarn or jump rings is affordable, woodworking or glass blowing will be more expensive to get started.
  3. Pick a hobby where you will have the space available to accommodate the hobby. While cooking can be done in almost any kitchen, building furniture likely won’t work in small spaces.

Why Do I Need A Hobby?

Having a hobby will offer you so many benefits, from health benefits to daily life benefits and even social benefits.

  • Help You Structure Your Time – If you have time in the evening after work that is not filled with something more to do than just watch TV, you may find that work creeps into your home life too. Maybe you answer that email or you work on a current work project. When this happens, your brain doesn’t get to disconnect from work. If you had other things to do, jewelry to work on, a book to read, or a crochet pattern you want to finish, you will do that instead. This allows you time to think about something else besides work all day.
  • Helps You Be More Active – We get it, we all need a timeout to veg in front of the TV or to surf the web for a while. That can’t be the only activity you do, however. You need to be more active. Having a hobby will take you out of “veg mode” and into hobby mode.
  • It’s So Rewarding – Having a hobby can be so rewarding! Many times we will be unsure or self-conscious in our daily lives. With hobbies, you don’t need to feel that way. You can just lose yourself in the project and maybe even learn to stretch out those skills you have or get more creative with your projects.
  • Fosters More Social Connections – There are different hobbies, some done with others and some done alone. Either way, having a hobby will open up new social connections for you. These connections could be in person, playing a sport, or completing a project together. Other hobbies that are done alone can also open up social connections because you can chat about it or even get tips from others. If you can’t find these connections locally, you can also look online.
  • Hobbies Make You More Interesting – We know, you are already pretty amazing! Having a hobby will make you even more interesting. By adding layers to your already great personality, people will want to discuss your hobbies and what projects you are working on. Talking with others about your hobbies may also inspire you to do other things.
  • Hobbies Relieve Stress – We all seem to have so many responsibilities and that comes with a huge amount of stress. Having a hobby can help relieve some of that stress. They can take you out of your daily life and let you lose yourself in your hobby.

Hobby Ideas

  • Jewelry making
  • Knitting or crocheting
  • Scrapbooking
  • Sports like baseball, basketball or softball
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Candy making
  • Painting or drawing
  • Writing a blog
  • Glass etching
  • Model trains or model buildings (for example n scale buildings, railroads or ho scale buildings)
  • Anything else you love to do

By giving yourself an hour a day or even just a few hours every week to do something you love, it will give you a new zest for life, work, and your family. Taking just a little time for yourself, to be creative or active, can be life-changing.

So what new hobby will you pick? Maybe there is a craft you’ve always wanted to try like crocheting, a dish you’d like to cook, a garden you want to plant or a sport you want to play. If creating or sports isn’t your thing, you can always join a choir, a book club, or the local theater. No matter what hobby you choose, enjoy it and let that stress of the day just melt away!