Tips for Having a Safe Halloween During a Pandemic


Whether you live in the Deep South or the Midwest, Halloween is almost here, which means little goblins, ghosts, and witches are starting to think about going door-to-door asking for treats. 

While many people have recovered from COVID-19 and the numbers in many states are said to be going down, as a parent you still want to make sure your little ones are safe while they’re out trick-or-treating this year.

Parents should continue to take every precaution by following the tips below. 

Ask Kids to Wear Face Masks

It has come to light that kids are more susceptible to certain variants of the COVID-19 virus, so it’s important to ask them to wear face masks when they’re out trick-or-treating. 

These face masks can be worn under the masks they wear for Halloween and offer double protection. 

Teach Social Distancing

Sadly, going trick-or-treating this year, kids in Florida, Illinois and everywhere in between have more to worry about than stranger danger and a trip to the dentist in Lincolnwood if they get a cavity from too much candy.  

With COVID-19 still rearing its ugly head, you need to teach your children about social distancing. Make sure that you keep your little ones at least six feet from trick-or-treaters that aren’t in your group. 

It’s easy for children to forget social distancing rules when they’re having fun so make sure you have a responsible adult with them at all times. 

Stranger Danger Rules Still Apply

While you’re teaching social distancing and explaining why your children need to wear face masks on All Hallows Eve, don’t forget that the normal stranger danger rules still apply.

Teach your children all the basic rules of stranger danger and make sure they know to never go into anyone’s house while out trick-or-treating on Halloween night. 

Washing Hands Matters

While you should be teaching your kids to wash their hands regardless, it’s even more essential in the days of a pandemic. 

Teaching them to wash their hands frequently and correctly will protect them from not only COVID but from other viruses and illnesses out there as well. 

Porch Lights Only

Nine times out of ten if a porch light is off at a house on Halloween night it means they aren’t giving out candy. Teach your children not to go up to a house that has the porch light turned off, as it could end up being a dangerous situation for them. 

A dark house could also mean that the people aren’t home or they’re already in bed. 

Have a Plan and Run Through It

As kids get older, they tend to want to go out trick-or-treating on their own. If your kid is at this age, have a plan for where they can and can’t go while they’re out. 

It’s also a good idea to walk with them on that approved route a couple of times to ensure they know exactly where they’re allowed to go and where they aren’t. 

A set time for their night out to end is best as well, so you don’t have to worry about what time they’re getting home and know to start looking for them if they aren’t home on time. 

Halloween should be a time when kids can dress up as whoever they want to be and have the night of their little lives. 

However, with a pandemic out there and other dangers, parents need to be uber vigilant by following the tips above for a safe, happy Halloween for their kids and the other kids in the neighborhood as well.