Tips for healthy life from a lady that lived 103 years


Evgenia Peterson, known as Indra Davy, was the first one to reveal the secrets of the yoga in Europe and America. During her long life she has changed her lifestyle many times. She has been quite religious person who has also turned into a spiritual guide. Evgenia has traveled all around the world. She has spoken as much as twelve languages and used to live in three countries – Russia, India and Argentina.


She was the very first person in Europe to teach Hindu yoga on her own. After her husband’s death she has moved to California and opened a center for yoga teaching. This is what helped her become as famous as the Hollywood stars. Some of her followers and students were Merlin Monroe, Greta Garbo, Rita Heighwort and Gloria Swenson.

She has written some books as well, which became best sellers later. In all of them she has spoken about her manners, principles of diet and tips for a healthy life. That’s what she suggests:

1. Never drink water with ice. That’s especially important when you eat. This blocks the normal circulation of the gastric juices and it affects the digestion. This fashion of drinking water with ice is an American tip that affects the healthy process of digestion.
2. Every single morning and every night before bed one should drink a glass of water on a room temperature. You can add lemon if you will. The room-temperature-water and a tea with honey or lemon are a perfect refreshment for the summer days.
3. Drink about five to eight glasses of water a day. Just like the air and the oxygen, the water is crucial for us. As much as 80% of our body is made out of water. Moreover, during the day we take out of our body about 2,5 liters of liquids. The lack of water causes problems with the colon, the liver and the kidney.
4. Do not drink water while you eat. In addition, it is best to drink about thirty minutes before you have a meal. If you prefer drinking water after you have finished, do it two to three hours after you have finished. It is important not to affect the normal process of digestion.
5. Drink small sips of water instead of huge ones.
6. It is healthier to eat fresh fruits than to squeeze the juice out of them and drink it as a refreshing beverage.
7. Prepare your natural juices with carrot, radishes, beets and something similar. Add some green fruits or vegetables as well.
8. The alcohol, the coffee, the tea and the cocoa are not recommendable. They contain caffeine and stimulants.
9. The milk is food, not a beverage. Just like the water, it is better if you drink it in small sips. Otherwise it may cause you digestion problems.
10. Avoid all kind of “dead” ingredients. The food stored in a can, white flour and refined sugar should be avid to the maximum. Consume integral rise instead, whole grain flour, brown sugar or honey. Resist the urge to eat sweets and cakes. Avoid vinegar too.