Tips for Improving your Living Room Decor


Is your living room looking a bit tired and dull? Are you looking for a way to spruce it up a bit but don’t know where to start? Well, look no further! We’ve scoured the internet to find the most creative and surprising tips that can give your living space a new life.


With these simple steps, you can brighten and liven up your living room and make it a welcoming and comfortable place to be:

1. Add Some Plants

Adding some potted plants can instantly lift the room and lend it an air of serene, natural beauty. To maximise the effect of the plants you can either place them in a focal point of the room like on the coffee table or hang multiple plants on the wall in vertical planters or hangers. Ensure that you use plants that are low maintenance and suited to being indoors otherwise you may end up with a pot filled with disappointing brown twigs and leaves.

Go for succulents or ferns depending on the environmental factors in the room. Talk to the staff at your local nursery if you need help deciding.

2. Add Some Symmetry

A startling way to reinvigorate and reshape your living space is to balance your furniture to create symmetry. This may be a look that you can achieve with your current furniture or you may have to find a few bits and pieces that can mirror each other, creating a symmetrical feel in a slightly asymmetrical space. For example, you can place matching wall hangings on opposite sides of a wall.

The more symmetry you can create, the more effective this look will be. Couches should be placed in the centre regardless of the number of seats they are but obviously, a two-seat couch will be more effective than a three seat.


3. Keep it Simple

Solid colors and simple furnishings are a great way to create a living space that isn’t too crowded by patterns or littered with unnecessary furniture. If you can’t incorporate that patterned side table into your decor and it is just in the way don’t hesitate to remove it. You will save yourself a lot of drama and maintain a look of simple beauty and elegance.

You can find out more about keeping your decor simple and stunning at Decor Fácil. If your furnishings are simple it will also be easy to revamp your living room without creating clashes.

4. Keep it Cozy

If simplicity is not your style, then lean into the comfortable and cozy feel of bright colors and soft furnishings that invite the visitor to come in and make themselves at home on a cushion laden couch or wrap themselves up in a soft woven throw. The key to keeping it cozy is making spaces to snuggle and places for mugs of warm drinks or half-finished books.

There is a fine line between cozy and cluttered, so once in a while take time to rethink your decor and declutter if it’s getting too busy.

5. French Impressionist

The breezy nostalgia and subjectivity of the art of the French impressionists make them perfect for wall accents. One of the less well-known prints of Monet or Renoir, framed in timber with a white matte makes for a delightful accent, particularly on walls painted in a bright strong color like a Kelly Green. Monet’s later work is very effective and enchanting as a wall accent due to the blurry, whimsical air that some of the pieces have.


6. Kitschy Collections

A wonderful way to create unique wall hangings, floor accents or shelf decor is to collect many items with similar characteristics. Keep it kitschy, vintage and fun. Some examples of these collections include stacked suitcases, teapots on a shelf, or straw hats secured to a wall. Don’t go overboard though. Six or seven objects make a collection, 20 or 30 makes clutter. Pay attention to the colors and shapes of items that work best with your living room decor and let that inform the collection that you choose to display.

7. Create a Cluster

Along similar lines to curating collections, creating clusters of similar objects that compliment and contrast to each other creates a beautiful accent. You can place them in the corners of rooms in the case of potted plants of different sizes and varieties, and on the walls in the case of small framed prints of various sizes and styles.

The differences between the items in the clusters are just as important as the similarities. As a rough guide each object should be slightly different from the others, but similar enough to look like they belong together and compliment each other. Those elements of difference could be color, pattern, shape or size.

8. Create a Conversation Space

In this age of screens and technology, it can be tempting to make a television or screen the focal point of the room. This means that all of the chairs are turned to face that direction rather than each other. Taking away that emphasis on the artificial by turning chairs to face each other around a coffee table can not only change the way you interact with others in your living room but it can totally transform the way that it looks. Having chairs that face each other opens up space and shifts the focus away from one wall back, into the centre of the room.

There are so many ways to completely change the look of your living room with minimal fuss and maximum effect. Whether you have the budget to completely overhaul the interior design of your living space or only the budget to add a few key conversation pieces, you can easily change things up a little and apply some of these techniques in your own home.

There are plenty of ways to achieve these looks on a budget including DIY and thrift shops so there really is nothing stopping you. Why not try some of these easy techniques today to give your tired living room decor a new lease on life.