Tips For New Homeowners To Keep Their Security Intact


Decorating a new home is much fun, and everyone loves to do so. However, don’t let the security of the new home slip away with all the excitement. Here we are sharing a few tips that may help you improve a new home’s security systems.

  • Change Lock or Rekeying Your Main Door

Previous owners often have shared duplicate keys with their neighbors, family members, or contractors also. Moreover, during the period, no wonder they also have been kept copied by other people. 

Therefore you have no idea how many people have access to your new home. Hence, changing locks or rekeying your main gate key is a common practice to secure your home. Getting a new set of keys or changing the locks will prevent strangers from breaking into your new home. 

  • Secure The Doors, Especially Front Door

When you move into a new home, make sure that all the doors are in good condition to keep burglars at bay. Doors lose at hinges, sliding doors, doors with old-school spring locks favor the burglars to enter the house with no difficulty. So pay attention to the details and condition of your doors. 

When changing the door locks to make them secure, don’t settle for a cheap lock. Nowadays, deadbolts are the ones highly recommended and preferred for residential properties. This is because they are considered most secure to prevent unwanted entry. 

Smart door locks are now also available in the market. They have built-in smartphone app control and can be locked and unlocked remotely through your phone. 

  • Don’t Shut Your Eyes From Windows Security.

Windows without locks can prove a good opportunity to break into your house even if you have high-security locks on your doors. People sometimes don’t consider installing locks on windows. It makes it easier for burglars to access your valuables when you’re not at home.

If your new home windows don’t have secured locks, fix it in the first place.

There are different ways you can make your windows secured and burglar-proof. 

✓  Install window locks

✓  Install security bars or window grills

✓  Reinforce glass

✓  Install security alarms

✓  Install glass break sensors

  • Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are, no doubt, a great way to deal with the suspect’s identification and help observe any suspicious activity around your house. In addition, installing exterior security cameras will work as a deterrent for intruders. You may buy a DIY home security camera or invest in one that comes with a professional security system installation. 

Now, security cameras are also available with a mobile app. It enables you to watch everything live. Other cameras also have recorders so you can view recordings of any event that you missed. What a relief!

  • Get Home Automation Security Systems

The most recent and best way to keep your new home secured is by installing smart home automation. These automated security systems are no less than an ideal solution to intact the security of your home, family members, and valuables in it.

Home Automation gives added security to your new home. A perfect automation home security comprises of:

✓  Motion detectors

✓  Glass break sensors

✓  Schedule lights turn on and off

✓  Smoke alarms

✓  Surveillance cameras

Using home automation, you can receive all updates instantly on your smartphone. 

There are some more common tips like:

  • Light up the landscape even if you’re not at home
  • Keep the fence and bushes lowered and trimmed to eliminate hiding places for thieves
  • Using smart lighting can also be helpful
  • Keep your valuables (jewelry, cash, and important documents) in a safe
  • Avoid sharing details of your upcoming vacation on social media
  • Ask trusted neighbors to keep a check in your absence from outside