Tips for Reducing a Home’s Electricity Bill


Most homeowners want to do whatever they can to lower the monthly electricity bill. They make out a budget for household expenses at the beginning of the year and strive to stay loyal to it. Fortunately, there are several ways that a homeowner can save on the electricity bill.

Unplugging Appliances at Night

Surprisingly, some appliances are still using electricity even when they are turned off. These are sometimes referred to as ‘vampire appliances’ because they suck up electricity whether they are on or off. A simple solution is to unplug the DVD player, television, coffee maker, microwave and other small appliances before going to bed for the night. Also, avoid leaving a computer in sleep mode at night. It’s a wise idea to turn off the computer and unplug it before going to bed. Unplugging all of these appliances could add up to significant savings on the monthly electric bill.

Install a Timer for the Lights

Some people have a difficult time remembering to turn off their home’s outside lights or some of their indoor lights before they leave for the day. An exterior light in a doorway that is left on all through the day is needlessly adding to a household’s electricity bill. This is why many people install timers on their lights. So, if they forget to turn off an exterior light or a light in a particular room, the timer does it for them. This is a great backup plan for any homeowner who wants to make sure that certain lights are off during the day or at night.

Turning the Television Off While Out of the Home

Some people turn on the television just to hear the background noise. They may not even be listening to or watching the various programs that come on. If the television is on almost all the time, it’s easy to forget to turn it off before leaving for work in the morning or going on errands in the afternoon. A television that is on all day can use up a lot of electricity. It’s wise to get into the habit of making sure the TV is off before leaving the home.

A homeowner can save on the electric bill by following any of these easy tips. Someone looking for more tips on how to save electricity may want to check out a business such as Columbia Utilities for more helpful advice.