Tips how to show off your abs by the beginning of the summer


The summer is just around the corner. But as we are runnung out of time until the summer and bikini season, you are most likely to see results only if you follow the tips bellow:

Be active and move

The first and most important advice is to have a great will to do it. You have to be determined. You must start today. Tomorrow is not an option. Start with an easy tip such as going everywhere on foot. No cars no public transport anymore. Even forhet about the alevator. The stairs should turn now into your best friend. Your goal as a beginner should not be exercising seven days of the week but being active with your body and use it as much as possible.


Eliminate the alcohol

Or even better, replace ir with water. It is a well known fact that the reduction of the consumption of water is a must, however you should consider drinking water even when you feel like you are not thursty. This means your only beverage should be water. Forget about the beer and the spirit drinks. They contain a lots of calories, therefore its consumption should be decreased to 0.


Do not consume a food which contains a lots of carbohydrates just before bed

The carbohydrates are stored as fat in the body if not burned immediately, therefore eating food rich with carbohydrates at the evening is a bad idea. Just think about the athlets that have to run a marathon the following day. What do you think they eat the night before the marathon? Pasta, of course. However, if you are not to run a marathon the following day, your dinner should be something light and carbohydrate free. Eat proteins instead, especially if you want to burn the stomack fat.


Beat the flatulence

Avoid the consumption of drinks and food that gives you flaturence. You should consider avoiding carbonated drinks as well as bubble gums.


Increase the consumption of food rich with proteins

Try to include some ingredient rich with proteins in every meal you have. The proteins do not only help you in building muscle but they keep you saturated longer. This also help you avoiding the overeating later during the day.


Change the way you exercise

Add to your daily routine some exercises you have never done before. How about yoga or pilates? Easy yet useful. Sometimes is easier and much more effective if you change the old routine for something you have never practiced before. The idea is to surprise and shock your body a little bit so it can reply and react to your changes. This increases the chances to see faster results.


Drink a lots of water and rest enough

If you eat well and exercise well but you do not have an eight hour of sleep, you are wasting your time in trying to see results. The three things go together. If one of them is missing or failing you will barely see any result. The amount  of water plays a huge role as well. The more water you drink, the better. You must hydrate your body enough.