Tips to Maintain Your Car and Its Accessories

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In all of Australia, there are over 16 million cars, with New South Wales and Sydney containing over 4.5 million of those vehicles. (Census 2015) With these many cars on the road, there are less but still numerous repair facilities to help keep those cars moving. However, with this number of repair shops, getting the right one can be challenging. The best balance for most people is to perform simple maintenance tasks yourself and have a quality shop that can handle the larger and more complex maintenance tasks.

Do It Yourself

Here are some tips to help you perform simple maintenance on your car’s powertrain.

  • Prepare For Seasonal Change
  • Use the Right Petrol
  • Follow Your Car’s Maintenance Cycle
  • Use The Correct Oil/Fluids
  • Always Have The Vehicle Checked If the Check Engine Light Activates
  • When In Doubt. Ask!

Preparing for seasonal change means making sure that your tyres and fluids can handle and operate efficiently in the different weather conditions. This also includes checking your tyre pressure as this will fluctuate depending on the temperature changes.

There is little to no need to use high octane or premium fuel in your car or vehicle unless it is specified in the operator’s manual. In fact, using the higher octane fuel can actually cause harm to your engine or accelerate wear and tear to the point of requiring major servicing before normally expected.

Every manufacturer has a recommendation for when the various maintenance functions are required. It is best to stick as close as possible to this schedule. This applies to checkups, oil changes, or cooling fluid change outs that your manufacturer requires. In addition, part of this procedure is to check your oil and fluid levels on a regular basis. This is to ensure that your fluids are in proper condition to provide for the best operation of your vehicle.

Finally, if your check engine light activates, this signifies that you should see a car service in Sydney or other location. While there, one of the best things you can do for your car is to ask. Ask questions, so that you better understand what your car needs and how to address these needs.

More Than Under The Bonnet

While the above addresses maintenance concerning what is under your bonnet, there is more to your car than wheels and an engine. Your internal systems such as car alarms, audio systems and more also require periodic maintenance. Vibrations, normal wear and tear, and weather, can all have an adverse effect on your car’s accessories. Unlike the powertrain, for maintenance, it is best to consult with a qualified service. There are numerous qualified car alarms Sydney specialists or services that deal with modern and classic car audio systems.

Your Partner

A quality service location is one that works with you to ensure your car receives the best possible care and service. Getting good car service in Sydney should not be a hassle. For car alarms and classic/modern car audio maintenance and service, Auto Acoustics will help your care for your existing system or assist you in finding the right system for your car. In regards to mechanical service, Kismet Mechanical can diagnose and repair your vehicle, in addition to handling any maintenance requirements so you can safely get back on the road subsequent to pink slip inspection in Sydney. Both are highly respected services that are dedicated to working with you as your partner to keep you on the go.

By combining the DIY approach and partnering with a dedicated and reliable car service, you can maintain your mobility and save both time and money.