Tips for Moving Luxury Furniture


Are you ready to move houses and everyone in your family is excited about it? What do you need in order to move your things into the new house? The more important question is how you should go about moving your stuff from your home to the other. Luxury furniture is especially tricky because when moved incorrectly, a lot of money could go to waste. Here are several tips for moving luxury furniture:

Stand your couches on end

If you need to maneuver your couch through a narrow entryway, you will find it impossible to carry horizontally. Therefore, you need to carry it on its end if you want it to slide through your doorway. When you do it this way the first time, you will waste no time trying to figure out how to move it properly. If the couch is longer than the opening, start its top away from the door until you get several inches of clearance.

Hook chairs

Large chairs are not easy to move. Therefore, you need to hook huge chairs around the corners and turn them on their side until they form an L-shape. When moving a large chair, make sure that it is back-first, and curl it around the frame so that it can slip through.

Carry high and low

The owners of note that “when carrying tall items such as wardrobes, one person needs to hold the bottom while the other carries the top. Doing so keeps the weight centered and keeps the furniture from swinging out of control.” Holding the item this way also makes it easier to carry on stairs.

Use shoulder dollies

Using lifting and moving straps such as shoulder dollies takes the weight off your back by utilizing large muscle groups and leverage. These items also leave your hands free to do whatever you want. Nonetheless, they can be awkward to use on stairs because all the weight goes to the person at the bottom.

Use lifting straps

Use adjustable lifting straps that can be used to carry different-length objects by movers of different sizes. You can get lifting straps in a number of online shops; they will make your move easier.

Protect with plastic and blankets

Moving blankets are important for protecting your furniture as well as your house. Of course, you can rent them for cheap but it would be more economical to buy your own to avoid wasting money during each move. To avoid damaging the fragile edges and finish of your luxury furniture, you should wrap them in blankets. Secure the blankets in place using stretch film.

Slide, don’t drag or carry

You should buy furniture slides at local or online stores. If you do not have any spare funds, you should consider making your own sliders from moving blankets, towels, plastic container covers, and Frisbees. If you have hard flooring, use padded sliders. However, if you have carpet floors, use hard plastic sliders.

Cut and fold box springs

Is your box spring too big to fit around tight corners and stairways? You can cut it and fold it so that it fits. On the other hand, you can buy split box springs to make things easier when you decide to move. To cut your box spring properly, you need to do away with the fabric covering then place it facedown.

Pull the mattress cover down on each side and cut the frame to the right or left of the crosspiece – just make sure that you do not cut the cross piece.

Take the recliner’s back off

To take the back off your recliner, you need to find the brackets on the inside or outside of its back frame. Then lift the locking levers on the sides and pull the back straight up to remove it. When carrying a recliner, always lift from the sides and not from the footrest or back. Make sure that you tie the footrest in place to prevent it from springing open.