Tips On Giving Your Bathroom An Overhaul


The bathroom is an important room for obvious reasons, but just like other utility rooms such as the kitchen, it can get neglected when it comes to style, design, and aesthetics. The bathroom doesn’t have to be just a functional room and as it is a room that will be in use by family members and guests alike – it is an important room to get right.

So, no matter if you just moved into a new place or have owned your home for years, every bathroom could do with a bit of an overhaul. This article will provide some inspiration about where you can start this improvement process.

Add New Window Frosting

Bathrooms are usually the only room in the home that window frosting is used, either on external bathroom windows or on glass shower doors. That being said, some external bathroom windows will have designs etched into the glass making process to make them difficult to see through.

In any case, frosting can easily be added on over the top of pre-existing window designs.

Adding new frosting can give your bathroom a new style and it is often overlooked when it comes to bathroom overhauls.

Stylise Your Radiator

The radiator in your bathroom is oftentimes coated with a layer of moisture-resistant paint and left alone. But the radiator is yet another fixture that you can use to elevate your bathroom.

A fresh coat of paint is sometimes all it needs if it is a fairly new model of radiator. If you have an older radiator, it may be time to consider replacing it or switching it out for a heated towel rail.

Additionally, if you are looking to only stylise it, you can replace the valve to accent your radiator. This works exceptionally well if you have a two-toned colour palette for your bathroom, as you can tailor your radiator valve and colour to match. Newer valves can come in all colours and styles such as brass, satin, and chrome.

Trade radiators is an excellent place to find new radiator valves or to shop for anything radiator related.

Consider New Tile Aesthetics

If you have a bathroom that uses tiles, then these are an excellent opportunity to add some unique design elements to your bathroom.

You can choose to replace the tiles entirely if they are really old or if you don’t like the current style of tile that you have.

Alternatively, a more affordable option is to paint the tiles. You can get all kinds of colours for painting your tiles, from matte blacks to soft blues. If you are more artistically inclined, then you can even paint some custom designs on your tiles to beautify them.

The options are vast and many when it comes to tile décor. 

Replace Your Mats

This final tip is a fairly self-explanatory one but be sure to replace your non-slip bathmats and the floor mats! If you are doing the overhaul all at once, you can even replace the mats to match the room’s colour palette.

The only limit is your creativity!