Tips for Protecting Diamond Rings from Damage


Quality diamond rings cost a significant amount of money, so it’s no surprise that people want to preserve and protect them as much as possible. Failing to clean them regularly enough, letting them come into contact with potentially damaging chemicals and engaging in physical activities are all things that could result in permanently damaging or losing the ring. Losing such a personal and significant item is devastating both for the person who wears it and the person who gave it as a present. For your benefit, this handy guide has been put together to provide some useful tips for ensuring the safety of your diamond rings, giving you peace of mind.


Minimise Exposure to Damaging Elements

Many people dislike the idea of taking off their engagement or wedding diamond rings, but keeping them on while engaging in certain activities is highly discouraged. For example, swimming in a pool with chlorine can cause them to discolour, while working in a garden can lead to jewellery becoming fractured and damaged as a result of being knocked against items. It’s therefore important to minimise the amount of exposure your ring has to these damaging elements. It’s also recommended that you organise annual maintenance appointments with professional jewellers to ensure your diamond rings remain in excellent condition.

Have Access to Safe and Secure Storage Options

Minimising the exposure your diamond rings have to damaging elements is one thing. The next step is to find a safe and secure place to store them when you intend to engage in activities that require you to take them off. Velvet lined jewellery boxes are among the most effective storage options available. These have the added benefit of separating your rings from other pieces of jewellery you own that might cause scratches and other flaws. If you aren’t prepared to take off your ring while gardening or doing housework, wearing protective gloves should provide sufficient protection from dirt and household cleaners.

Make a Habit of Arranging Cleaning for Your Ring

In the event that your diamond rings have been exposed to damaging substances that cause discolouring or erosion, you need to organise an appointment with an expert jeweller who has access to the right cleaning technologies. Even if your ring hasn’t been exposed to any damaging substances, making a habit of organising annual check-ups with a professional jeweller will help ensure your ring doesn’t deteriorate over time. This is a small price to pay for a lifetime’s worth of peace of mind.

Obtain Insurance in Case of Theft

There are many things you can do to protect and safeguard your diamond rings from damage, but there is little you can do in the unfortunate event that your precious possession is stolen. However, having insurance will help minimise the impact of your loss in case it is never retrieved, as there’s a chance that you may be able to replace it with something that is close to identical. Before buying insurance, be sure to understand the fine print to make sure it covers theft.