Tips to Create Memorable Travel Movies


Travel videos are one of the most popular genres of video marketing. You may have seen hundreds of these videos, but what you rarely notice is the ultimate spur of creativity employed by the creators. Interestingly, recording some of the most scenic landmarks of a particular city or town is just 40% part of a travel movie. Clip selection, editing, intros, & outros entail the rest of the work.

A full-fledged travel video comes with a lot of significance. Whether you are making them for professional reasons or personal memories, somehow, these videos fulfil the purpose of a vacation. Moreover, these videos help people make crucial decisions about their next holiday destinations. These videos also play a vital role in the travel and tourism industry. All in all, these finely-built travel videos can effectively benefit viewers in many different ways.

But, how do you create a perfect travel video that entertains and educates your audience? Evidently, you can rely on a single definitive formula to craft a flawless video that inspires people to pack their bag for an upcoming weekend trip. Since every location is different, you must adopt an unconventional approach to reach out to your target viewers. In this post, we will be highlighting some sure-fire ways to make travel movies memorable:

1. Don’t Stretch Any Segment of the Video

Even though you stayed in a particular location for a week, your travel video doesn’t have to be a 3-hour movie. When it comes to creating a video, conciseness and consistency are the keys. It doesn’t mean that you can’t record everything you admired and enjoyed on your trip.

It just has to be very specific and equally distributed in various segments. You can divide them as Day 1, Day 2, and so on. You can introduce a hint of humour or facts to keep the viewers engaged to keep it entertaining.

2. Pen Down A Theme for the video

A quintessential travel video process often begins with a camera and ends at an extensive editing table. However, this process misses a brief scripting session where you note down the structure of the video and decide on a suitable theme. It would be not easy to attract viewers’ attention with a mere sightseeing clip.

For instance, if you cover an important event in a location, you can make the video interesting with a catchy title. It may not be just as efficient for a video in which you explore a local market or old buildings. To add an element of adventure, you must assign a theme to these videos and commence them with a fact or a story.

3. Highlight Intricate Details

It is an integral aspect of travel movie making, yet most creators forgo this part. As an avid video maker, you should try highlighting unique details of the place you are recording. Instead of remaining in the periphery of recording, get closer to what you are pointing the camera at.

For example, you can showcase the phenomenal carving of historical buildings while describing their story. You can visit a popular restaurant in the city and shoot their best dishes. You can also engage in a small conversation with the locales and talk about their dialects. Many viewers find it interesting. 

4. Turn the Basic Information into A Story

This technique makes your videos worth watching. Even if you create an infomercial travel video, you can plan a story. Throughout a video of 10-15 minutes, you can add bits of 30-seconds where you bring up an exciting fact about that place. As mentioned earlier, you can also talk to local people and craft a sequence of their stories to generalise the concept of everyday lifestyle in that particular location. 

5. Use an Online Movie Maker

Editing is very crucial for travel videos. Many movie maker tools are available that let you create and edit your videos to make them perfect. You can cut the mistakes, make the videos flow smoother, discard unwanted sounds, such as fans, traffic, and more. For this, you can go for a reliable movie maker online. Such movie maker software is uncomplicated to use and feature-rich, permitting you to create professional-looking videos with ease.

6. Add Authentic Reactions in Your Travel Videos

If you have watched travel videos of Mark Weins, you must have noticed various instances of real reactions. His reactions to food and places contemplate his experiences during the trip. Viewers can figure out the height of thrill and excitement just with his reactions to numerous things he tries during the trip.

That’s the kind of authenticity you must install in your videos so people can find these videos believable. Suppose a video is enjoyable and relatable. It is certainly quite memorable for you and your audience. You can also record the expressions of your companions and use them as the thumbnail of the video. Adding a hint of genuine laughter can also drive the attention of your viewers towards your content.

7. Make Them Interesting with Visual Effects

Another efficient way to make a video interesting is to experiment with visual effects. There are different methods to add visual effects to a video and make it more compelling than the actual shoot. Most creators skip this part, given minimal experience with software used for video editing. Fortunately, there are some movie maker platforms available online where you can find in-built tools to implement video effects in a travel clip.

Final Thoughts

You can easily make your travel movies memorable by using the tips above. In addition to this, you can also look for online movie maker platforms to reduce your editing work. These tools offer creators a plethora of options and templates that streamline video making for less experienced creators.