Tips To Design Your Space


How do you design your space? Creating, designing and defining your own space is something that everyone wants to achieve – but what is the best way to go about it? There are many elements you’ll need to consider when designing your space; from the wall colour to the type of flooring to furniture like desks and tables. Yet there is one element that many people overlook, despite the fact that this element has a huge impact on the design of your space without really realizing it: wall clocks.

Wall clocks have the ability to make a space look timelessly chic or classic and elegant. They can make a space look calm and professional or fun and vibrant. The sky is really the limit when it comes to how the right timepiece can totally change a room or indoor space.

I was recently looking for a new clock to transform my living room after giving it makeover and came across Purely Wall Clocks, a shop that specialise in providing unique timepieces including modern designs and colours and those with a more classic style. Let’s take a closer look at the primary types you can find for your home and how they can help you design your space.

Large Wall Clocks

If you’re looking for something that is statement making or something which helps define a space, then large wall clocks are an excellent option. These models have the ability to totally transform a space thanks to their size, so if you do choose one, make sure it’s something that fits the overall look of the room you want. For instance, if you want something that makes the room look elegant and traditional, opt for a traditional style; if you want something that is more modern and unique, opt for a large wall clock with a cool looking design.

Kitchen Clocks

Everyone needs to know the time in the kitchen! Kitchen clocks are a time honore tradition, and you can help you kitchen look modern, fun, classic, elegant or anything in between when you choose the right kind. Best of all, kitchen clocks often come in smaller sizes, so you can fit them into your kitchen space even if you don’t necessarily have a lot of room.

Modern Clocks

If you want your home to look as contemporary and modern as possible, then you will want to look at a range of modern styles. These designs usually divert away from elements found in more traditional clocks and can make your space look effortlessly cool. With sleek finishes and styles that set them apart from traditional wall clocks, these designs suit a home that is less traditional in nature. 

Silent Clocks

The steady ticking of a wall clock can be comforting, but sometimes it’s not something you want to hear, especially if you are sensitive to sound or the ticking simply isn’t your cup of tea or perhaps a shift worker. In these cases, you’ll want to look for one that is silent and these days they now are available in a range of designs.

When it comes to designing your space look no further than the right designed wall clock to finish off that special space!