Tips to excel in Bamboo furniture decoration


Like everything else, interior designing has evolved and improved throughout the years, introducing a multitude of dimensions in their context. If we have to understand the basics of interior design, then we must know that there are several divisions to it. A few popular ones are Modern, Traditional, Minimalist, Scandinavian, Contemporary, Industrial, etc. 


While it is true that this design is mostly utilized by wealthy families or corporates, it is also true that bamboo amounts to be less expensive than most structural materials. 

This article will help us sneak a glance at what houses might look like if we tweak the overall design with a tincture of bamboo furnishing ideas. 

A little knowledge about Bamboo

One of the most recent trends is bamboo. It has been predominant in several households for quite a while now, and let us look into why: 

  • Bamboo is a sustainable structural material. It has proved to be more eco-friendly than wood and, of course, plastic!
  • Even if it seems to resemble the texture of traditional wood, it is smoother and comes in an aesthetic of its own. 

Replace your marble stairs with bamboo stairs

Wherever you’d go, you will find the floorboard to be made of either wood, marble, or simple and plain mosaic. All of these can be made to look different and unique, but none of them can match the level of aesthetic a bamboo staircase can bring into your home. 

People mostly worry that bamboo cannot prove to be sturdy enough and will break as soon as the weightage increases: that is not true. All materials come with a breaking point, and bamboo is no exception. However, that doesn’t mean that it is essentially less sturdy. 

You can try inserting a bamboo handrail on either side of the staircase, retaining the original shape of bamboo. By retaining the actual shape of bamboo, I mean letting the cylindrical shape of the bamboo plants prevail, but, of course, you will need to chafe and color it before finalizing it as fit for use. This will work great, especially if you are going for a traditional design. 

You can also try merging glass with bamboo: take some glass and attach it to your bamboo handrails. Now, not only does it look classy, but it also adds an immense bit of aesthetic to your staircase. 

Redecorate your bedroom with a little hint of bamboo (or more!)

As I mentioned before, a significant chunk of the population has been fed with the misinformation that bamboo, as a structural material, isn’t sturdy enough. People like to believe this false piece of information more in the case of beds and stairs and floorboards. 

This false rumor is affirmed by the thin size and texture of the bamboo tree. Usually, their diameter ranges from 10-12 inches thick— this encourages people to believe that bamboo is weak and unable to support the weight. 

However, a lot of people have tried out the idea of a bamboo bed, and most of them have preferred to maintain the original theme of bamboo. The best kind of bamboo used for these decorations is tortoiseshell bamboo. 

Another important tip: if you wish to keep your bedroom modern, contemporary or minimalistic, always remember not over to do it. This always spoils the decoration. For example, if you want to use bamboo for your bed and retain its original presence, be sure not to reiterate the same in every furniture. 

Want to innovate your backyard/garden? Try calling bamboo

If you are looking for something innovative for your backyard or garden, you should buy bamboo garden furniture from Tine K Home. Not only are they the meat in the market, but they will also assist you plenty while shopping. 

One excellent way to use bamboo in your garden furniture is planting the bamboo trees in there as well. That way, the theme will be distributed and articulated throughout the space impeccably. 

You could get a small round table with a set of two hang-a-round chairs and place it just below the shade. You can buy the chairs with pre-stuffed cushions or add bamboo printed pillows to it. 

If you want to keep it modern, then arrange a steel or glass modern fountain right in front of the seating arrangement. Don’t forget to get the bamboo plants right next to them. 

We believe that you will like the enhancement that these tips will help you bring in your apartment or your house. Try and see for yourself if you want it!