Tips to Make Sure Your Clothing Supplier Relationship is Successful


If you run an online clothing brand, you know that business relationships are crucial to everything you do. From sourcing materials to working with manufacturers, good relationships with your clothing suppliers are essential to your success. When something goes wrong, you want an ally who will work with you to resolve it. When things are going well, you want to work with a wholesale clothing supplier that consistently delivers for you and your business. Here are some ways wholesale clothing suppliers and sellers can work together to learn, grow, and sell together.

What Does a Healthy Business Relationship Look Like?

No matter what industry you’re in, some universal factors determine the health of a business relationship. Of course, working relationships are specific to each company and contract, but they require a few things across every business. 


You can’t do anything with a partner or customer if you don’t trust them. However, this goes both ways – your partner needs to trust that you’ll deliver on your end of the bargain, and your customer needs to trust that you’re not going to screw them over. This trust builds over time, requiring both sides to be communicative and truthful.


A healthy business relationship requires open and honest communication. When one side is not transparent, it creates tension and instability. Both sides must talk about what’s going on and the expectations for the relationship.


Respect is critical in every relationship, but imperative in business partnerships. When one side disrespects the other, it can quickly sour the relationship. Earn respect through honest and open communication, and it needs maintenance through consistent actions.


A successful business relationship requires both sides to be willing to work together. Partnerships are not one-sided – both sides need to put in the effort to make the partnership work. When one side takes advantage of the relationship, it can quickly end. It also requires an understanding of each role. For example, wholesale clothing suppliers provide a vital service to the entire industry, and knowledge can give you more insight into how they might fit into your business goals.

Integrating Technology

Selling anything these days means using technology, and managing supplier relationships is no different.

Supplier Relationship Management Software (SRM)

An SRM system can help you keep track of your supplier relationships, from finding new suppliers to managing your contracts. In addition, it can help you track your inventory, payments, and other information related to your supplier relationships.

Procurement Software

Procurement software can help you find the best supplier for your needs and track your spending. It can help you find the best prices and negotiate better terms.


Blockchain technology can help you track your supplier relationships more securely. It can help you prevent fraud and keep track of all the information related to your supplier relationships.

How to Establish Clear Communication

Above all, whether you are placing an order with a wholesale clothing supplier or just following up on orders, it is crucial to keep communication open and honest.

When you first reach out to a clothing supplier, send a polite email introduction and let them know what you are seeking. Include a brief overview of your company and what you are looking for in a supplier.

If you have questions about a specific order, ask them respectfully. For example, “Please tell me the dress’s color in the picture.”

If there are any issues with an order, let the supplier immediately. For example, if the dress you ordered is not in stock, let the supplier know as soon as possible.

If there are any changes to your order, let the supplier immediately. For example, if you decide you want a different color or size.

Understand Each Other’s Business

Doing your job well means understanding the products you are selling and your supplier’s products. When you know what your supplier is selling and producing, you can make better decisions about product selection and pricing.

Use Supply Chain Risk Management Strategies

When placing an order with a supplier, consider the risk involved. For example, is the supplier able to deliver on time? Does the supplier have a good track record of providing quality products?

Additionally, the order process from your online wholesale clothing supplier should fit into your business model so that you stay balanced regarding inventory. A healthy margin of error with your supplier will protect you against supply chain risks.

Always Remain Informed

It is essential to be as informed as possible about your supplier relationships. Therefore, keeping up to date on changes to the supplier’s business, products, and delivery times. In addition, if your goals change, you should share those with your supplier so they can better understand how they fit into those goals.

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