Tips to Prepare for Your Long-Distance Motorcycle Ride!


Humans, being competitive and are prone to explore things that are not done yet. On the other hand, adventurous people always wish to experience new things. A long ride on a motorcycle to a thrilling destination is something that travel lovers would crave. The most important aspects of a bike trip are preparation and packing. If these two are done rightly, you are all set to witness a successful bike riding experience. Long-distance travel, especially on a bike, requires taking some extra precautions. So, let dig a little deeper to explore some of the helpful tips from specialized motorcycle transport companies to get the best ever riding experience!

Get a Good Bike

No matter how good or bad condition your bike is in, bring it to the service center. A complete check-up is crucial before starting a journey. If anything needs to get repaired, do that too. It is always better if you do the whole servicing one week before you begin the journey. If it has been around 2000 km, another service is required soon. Get it checked and make sure it is capable of a smooth trip. Once you are done with servicing, ride around for at least two days in nearby places to ensure that all parts of the vehicle are working well. Try learning the minor repairs & tweaks like increasing pick up, checking for oil, etc., while at the service station. It will help you during the journey if some obstacle occurs.

Plan The Root

Get a clear idea of your end destination. Identify the safest and easiest roots that are convenient for bike riding. Follow the GPS map, or you can follow a paper map as well. Make a plan which root you will follow. There can be several roots. Some offer scenic beauty, and others may take you to the destination in less time. Plan accordingly. The weather is another crucial factor to be considered during traveling. Take things as per the climate demands. Follow the state websites where you are traveling. Avoid roots that are having some sort of construction. 

Some More Precautions

If you plan to stay overnight during your trip, make sure you take the necessary accommodation along with. You must know how far you can ride with a full tank of fuel. Plan your fuel stops in advance likewise. Larger bikes with larger tanks can usually run up to 500 miles at a cruising speed. Be realistic with the destination. Make sure you don’t run out of energy yourself while riding on the bike. Exhausted body and mind are inconvenient for safe riding as well. Therefore, try to restore your energy from time to time by taking a rest. The journey should continue as long as you keep proceeding.

Bag Pack

Chose a luggage design which is suitable for the long-distance journey. There are brands that design bags keeping in mind what riders will need when they are on the trip. Most of the designs come with expanded sides and spaces so that all the necessary items can fit inside. Some traveler’s bags offer you larger compartments with heavy-duty materials, a part of the design. Packing your clothes light is best when it comes to a long journey on a bike. Reuse the same clothes and keep the bag as light as possible. You have to carry the bag along with you throughout the journey. So, make sure that it must not be overloaded. 

Be Prepared for All Situations

While you are preparing and taking precautions before you leave for your trip, it is important to note that riding a motorcycle without proper safety gear consequences are scary and sometimes even deadly. So make sure that you consider every aspect of your long-distance bike road trip.

During a bike journey, you may face some inconvenient situations. This includes bad weather, flat tires, poor road conditions, and so on. So, carrying a small toolbox, tire patch kits will save you from a mid-way crisis. Take raincoats, jackets to protect yourself from rain. Riding on a bike for long hours is tedious. Choose a bike where you can sit comfortably following the correct posture. This will make the journey easier for you. Take padded grips for extra cushion for your hands. A backrest for the riders will add some additional support to lean on.

Additionally, Proper gear is of utmost necessity for distance journey purposes. Chose grips that offer a throttle lock. This will help with cruising throttle and will not demand you to squeeze hands around the throttle frequently. 

The Bottom Line

So, now you’re better ready for your next long-distance ride. However, keep your confidential things like wallet, bike documents, driving license, ATM card, mobile phone at a place where you can have a quick reach. Do not forget to wear a helmet while on a ride. Additionally, keep your medical history along with you and few other things like your address, identity cards, emergency contact numbers. Finally, take sunscreen lotion, lip balm, and other skincare items with you as your skin is more exposed to the outer world. If things are too much to handle, you can always choose to transport the motorcycle with an expert company. Have a safe and happy journey!