Tips To Remembers as Travelers Begin Flying Again


The pandemic is not over, but the vaccination rollout has allowed people to fly safely for recreational trips. Whether you traveled rarely or were a veteran of the skies, if you’re heading out of the country on a trip, it helps to keep a few tips in mind so you’re ready for how things have changed.

Drive Yourself to the Airport

Now, you can save when parking at BNA and many other major North American cities to make driving yourself to the airport extremely cost-effective. Just book your parking reservation online before you arrive and show the itinerary to the attendant there.

Then, hop on the free airport shuttle to your terminal. If the parking lot you’re using belongs to a hotel, you only need the reservation with the parking company — you don’t need to book an overnight room to use their lot. 

Such a model liberates commuters from needing to wait for a dot on their phone to arrive at their door and lets them enjoy the familiarity of their own vehicle. Some platforms offer users reward points, making your trip even more cost-effective.

Skip the Baggage Lines and Fees

Travelers going on short journeys are wise to try to fit all they’ll need into their carry-on luggage. Doing so has a few advantages.

Most airlines charge fees for checked-in bags, and sometimes it takes a while after the plane lands before your baggage arrives on the luggage carousel. There’s also a risk that the airline could accidentally misplace your luggage.

All these bad outcomes can be avoided by packing all you’ll need into the two carry-on pieces you’re allowed. Just make sure you don’t bring prohibited items onto the plane — either leave them at home or check them in.

Bring Entertainment and Food from Home

Airports have upped their game in terms of the food and entertainment you can find, but it’s usually expensive. Pack some snacks and a meal from home to get the portions, nutrition, and flavors you want and save money.

Most planes have some form of onboard entertainment, but there’s usually a limited number of things to watch. Likewise, most airports sell magazines and some best-selling novels, but there’s a price mark-up and narrow selection. 

Bring whatever you do in your downtime at home with you on the plane, so you won’t have to spend a penny keeping boredom at bay. Pack some food that is easy to eat in a constricted space, like a sandwich. You don’t want to irritate those around you by eating messy food with strong odors near them.

The ability to travel the world at a relatively low cost is a wonder of the modern world, and it’s great news that COVID-19 vaccinations have made flying safe again. Keep all the above tips in mind the next trip you go on, and you’re sure to have a smoother flight at a lower cost.