Tips to Save Your Summer Parties by Keeping Mosquitoes Away


Summers ring bell for sweaty days with a run to keep hydrated, avoid sunburns and excavating shops to find out breezy yet stylish clothes. Running from one struggle to another is just so tiring and exhausting! And well, this sad story becomes part of our summers every year. But amidst this summer chaos, our cherished summer night parties keep the fun and entertainment plugged in our fading life. Those tinkling glasses, heart-felt laughter, aromatic smoke, and sizzling food…ah! It could have been our little summer night’s heaven if it wasn’t filled with those buzzing devils. Yes, I am talking about mosquitoes, those bloodsuckers who always come to ruin our fun.


Summers are not only about fighting with piercing sun and dehydration; it is also about combating with the pests, including mosquito. Obviously, who likes to get malaria while sipping peach punch? Nobody – right? So, here are some tips to keep mosquitoes away from ruining your summer night parties:

Bug Lantern:

Not all traditional methods are getting outdated in this modern world, just like bug lantern. You know mosquitoes love light, and that is the formula of these lanterns. Light a bug lantern and place it somewhere away from the party scene. All the mosquitoes will be attracted towards it, leaving your main area clear and mosquito-free.It’s better to light the lantern at least half an hour before so that the coast is fully clear for the guests before the party begins.

Grow Plants:

You might have grown plants for beauty, food and good scent purpose, but now it’s time to grow plants to repel mosquitoes. Yes, some plants can be used to repel mosquitoes. Well, these plants don’t spray mosquito repellent potion, but mosquitoes just don’t like them. Grow mint, rosemary, basil, and citronella in pots and put them in your garden. During the party, bring them near the main area to keep the mosquitoes away from dining on your blood.

Pest Control:

Another important way to keep the uninvited guests away from your invited guests is to hire pest control Toronto services. Kick start your summers by spraying pest control medicine in your garden. It not only kills mosquitoes, but it also wipes out other pests like harmful bees, wasps, mites, ticks, and ants which are some other summer party bombers. Spray your garden before the party. It is better to spray one or two days before the party so that the smell and impact of the spray also get settled before the big day kicks in.

Dump the Water:

Stagnant water is the production house of mosquitoes. They lay eggs and grow in places like ponds, ditches filled with rainwater, birdbaths, plant pots, and other standing water. So, drain out water from these places to prevent the production of mosquitoes instead of combating them once they are ready to swarm your parties. 

This summer, shoo-away mosquitoes with one of these methods to plug in party scene throughout the summer without being invaded by blood-suckers.