Title: 5 Shoes You Need to Finish This Summer Right


We’re rapidly approaching the dog days of summer and while you’re busy trying to beat the heat, you might not be thinking about your feet. That’s a shame because summer can actually be one of the best times to sport a new pair of stylish shoes. Here are five of our recommendations for footwear that can help you make the most of your summer.


It’s may be an obvious choice for summer, but 2016 really is the year of the sandal. In a move that has delighted fashionable males all over the world, sandals are officially acceptable summer footwear in the world of style. Whether you’re wearing a pair of athletic slides or casual flip-flops, being comfortable has become the epitome of cool. Best Products points out that even Birkenstocks are back in style—yes, the same ones you teased your parents for wearing. Some have gone so far as to say that wearing socks with sandals is acceptable, but we’re a bit more hesitant to give that look the okay.



The essential sneaker never goes out of style, but the designer interest in the shoe has definitely reached an all-time high in 2016. While big name basketball shoes continue to be popular (except for the Curry 2s) another trend is sweeping the sneaker world this summer, neutral colors. The editors at Lyst make it known that brown sneakers are denim’s best friend in this post, but it’s not just browns that work well here. Earth tones and neutrals like khaki and olive are popular options for a subtle pair of sneakers that pair with just about any outfit while practically oozing style.



There are some shoes that never go out of style, and that definitely goes for the classic dress shoe. A good pair of brogues will stay in your shoe rotation for years and will always look sharp, but they’re especially in vogue this season. One thing you can do to take your dress shoes to the next level is find a pair with a colorful statement sole, like the brogues recommended by Men’s Health. They’ll help bring a splash of extra flair to your outfit.



When you’re under the brutal summer sun, you’re probably not thinking that boots would make for a practical footwear choice, but that’s where you’d be wrong. If there’s one pair of boots you must have this summer, it’s a pair of desert boots. They call them “desert” boots for a reason, and these simple, suede shoes are remarkably cool. Also, their super-versatile and work well with either jeans or even a suit, making them essential for every man’s wardrobe.


Boat Shoes

The ubiquitous boat shoe is a reliable go-to piece of footwear that’s perfect for the summertime. It’s no wonder that Business insider called them “a quintessential summer look” for guys. The go-to casual classic can be worn with shorts, jeans, or even a pair of slacks for a pair of summer shoes that can work just as well in the office as they do on the boardwalk. However, boat shoes need to be worn sockless, or at least appear that way, so invest in a few pairs of no-show socks to keep your boat shoes looking (and smelling) fresh.