Toddler Clothes Organization: What to Buy and How to Store


The journey of trying to purchase more and get organized is familiar to any parent of a newborn. As parents, we want to dress our little ones in the most qualitative and beautiful items at the same time. Thus, we get a lot of stuff, which is difficult to store wisely and to wear practically.

Decluttering and organizing your baby’s blankets and jumpsuits can become your daily routine if not knowing exactly what you’re going to need sooner or later. So, if you have already started to organize the trendy toddlers dresser with some new toddler clothes, don’t rush doing it. There are some really good recommendations on how to accomplish everything in the best way possible.

Organize Your Baby’s Closet

Before going into the organizational process itself, let us talk a little about the clothing items themselves. How to shop wisely to avoid getting rid of a bunch of stuff, which your baby doesn’t wear at all?

First of all, create a list. Write down what exactly your baby needs and how many pieces of that you want to buy before he/she grows out of them. Remember, toddlers grow very fast. So, don’t buy a lot of similar pieces of the same size.

Secondly, think about how you’re going to combine all of those pieces together. Don’t buy ten T-shirts and ten sweaters, which can’t be complemented with anything else except a pair of shorts. The clothes for a baby should be practical and universal, so you can easily mix and match different outfits together.

For a toddler girl definitely get:

  • one simple and one chiffon or lace dress;
  • a tee and a pair of shorts, which already come in a set;
  • a warm sweater, or a cute little hoodie.

For a toddler boy, don’t forget about:

  • a few pairs of shorts (preferably of dark colors or printed);
  • a sweater or a jacket.

A pair of good, comfortable shoes is probably the most important thing in both cases. For summer, choose breathable sneakers and sandals.

And now, let’s talk about the organizational process itself. How to store everything your baby has?

Prepare a separate dresser with the items you like and use the most. For example, leave the lowest drawer for the blankets and towels. Organize everything vertically to use the space you have wisely. Then, get a few boxes for smaller items like socks and beanies to keep them in place. Place those boxes inside the drawers. There is a famous KonMari method on how to fold and store your clothes to save more space and time. You can read and follow it if you want as well. We recommend dividing different items into different categories (jumpsuits, hoodies, dresses, tees, etc.) and saving them separately in each part of the dresser.

Now you’re ready to declutter your baby’s wardrobe by yourself. Remember, if your place is cluttered, then your mind is cluttered. So, don’t hesitate, start organizing your baby’s closet right now.