Tools To Make Your Life Easier as a Real Estate Agent or Property Manager


If you’re new to the real estate business, you might be starting to realize just how busy the job actually keeps you. Don’t let yourself get burned out before you get a chance to really thrive as a successful realtor. 

There are dozens of online software programs, tools, and resources available to help make your life even easier.

Whether you are selling real estate in the suburbs or managing multiple rental properties, take a look at these tools that can help save you time and money to get back to running your business.

Your Website

Just like any other business, a real estate agent needs to have a website to use as a portal to connect with potential buyers, sellers, and renters. It’s also a means to act as a portfolio of your recent listings. 

Yes, there might be some routine upkeep to manage what listings may or may not be available, but there are third-party platforms and plugins to help you manage all of your listings that connect directly to your website.

If you aren’t tech-savvy enough to configure your website with these types of plugins, don’t worry. There are website builders available that are specifically catered to real estate agents and property managers.

Avail, for example, is a free platform that allows you to create your own website. All of your rental properties can be managed directly through your new site and will be automatically uploaded to other platforms such as Zillow,, and several others. Propertybase is another great tool for realtors looking to create a professional-looking website. It includes a handy CRM system that is easy to use and helps enhance your lead generation.

Business Cards and Postcards

Print is certainly not going anywhere. As a property manager or real estate agent, you’re going to want to have business cards, flyers, and postcards readily available. These are incredibly helpful when networking with your local community.

Wise Pelican offers real estate postcard templates and affordable printing services. With their extremely targeted mailing lists, you can make sure that your postcards and flyers are getting into the right hands without having to do any of the heavy lifting yourself.

Email Marketing Software

When looking to improve your abilities as a real estate agent or property manager, you’re going to want to look into automation. An email marketing software, such as MailChimp, can offer you free email database management. You can create and schedule beautifully crafted email campaigns to send to your audience.

You can also create different lists depending on what type of content you want to send to specific types of individuals who have signed up to be a part of the campaign. 

These lists are perfect for agents who want to send an email of their new listings in a particular zip code, or for property managers who want to send out monthly updates to their current renters.

E-Signature Platforms

Every agent and property manager manages dreaded forms and documents. The good news is that technology can save you a ton of time. Since the COVID-19 global pandemic, e-signature platforms have become more of an essential way to keep you and your clients safe.

You can use software such as Docusign that provides a secure platform to have your clients e-sign legally binding documents from anywhere in the world. While some of the more popular e-document signing platforms cost a small monthly fee, there are others available for free. However, these are a bit more complex to navigate and manage, such as Adobe PDF.

Livestreaming Channels

Before you start running around town for your endless list of showings, why not give a virtual tour to potential buyers instead? Livestreaming channels like Periscope or YouTube allow you to not only host a live stream open house of your properties, but the platforms also save your video content.

This means you can use your videos to send to potential buyers in the future so they can get a look into the property beforehand. It alleviates you from wasting your time by filtering out people who aren’t as interested as they may have originally presented themselves to be.

There is a multitude of affordable options to manage your time as a realtor or property manager. Spend a little time understanding where too much of your energy is being spent to see if there is a way to either automate the process or outsource some of the unnecessary work. That way, you can put your efforts back into making the final sale on your next property.