Top 10 Beautiful Mountains Around The World


Now, make a break and let’s fresh with mountain air. The fresh air and incredible view from mountain  are the beauties of mountain, you must feel on your skin. There are in the world many amazing mountains and below follow top 10 beautiful mountains around the world.

Some of the Earth’s mountains are iconic, some obscure, but all have  beauty in their own way. When you visit or climb any mountain you will sure find something amazing on it. Whether you’re a photographer, geologist, mountaineer or simply a curious traveler I am sure you will enjoy in mountain atmosphere.

The mountains look more incredible and refreshing in winter, but climbing them is amazing in any season. In winter, usually they are covered with snow and look like some nature miracle. I believe you have already seen nature miracle like that. But, take a look again, now at the most beautiful mountain around the world and if you don’t have climb some choose which one you have to visit.

Banff National Park, Canadian Rockies

Coast Range, British Columbia

Valley of the Ten Peaks

Summit of Nevadao Quitaraju, Peruvian Andes, South America

The Alps Mountain Range, Austria

Alpine Mountain Range, Switzerland

Beautiful Mountains in Norway, Scandinavia

Table Mountain, South Africa

The World’s Highest Peak, Himalayas


Mount Fuji, Japan’s most famous Mountain