Top 10 Best Mattresses 2019


We all deserve to enjoy sound slumber; it is essential, after all. We (should) spend around eight hours sleeping, each day, and therefore, it’s got to be done right! The prominence of a mattress that provides you with comfort and quality to ensure you receive better sleep will offer benefits in your life that go beyond your sleep habits.

You can expect to become more productive, operate with better focused and generally feel better within yourself throughout the day. So, with this in mind, we have looked at which mattresses would be the best to help you find high-quality sleep.

The upside to having the perfect mattress for you is something that can’t truly be appreciated until you experience it. Mattresses aren’t one dimensional – and neither is the way you or anyone else sleep; we’re all different. Taking this into consideration, we have selected 10 of the best mattresses for 2019 to suit a range of different sleepers.

What is the best mattress for me to choose in 2019?

The advice we’ve got for you here can work its magic and help you locate the mattress of your dreams (literally!).

The IDLE Sleep

IDLE mattresses aren’t targeted to tailor any particular type of sleeper; instead, they are created in a variety of styles so that you can choose what feels best when you have tried them. With their premium, high-quality materials, you will most likely be blown away with the comfort!

You can choose from a duel feel, hybrid, all foam or latex mattress, depending on what you are looking for. Offering cooler sleep and pressure relief, you can also flip your mattress over to restrict body impressions and sag in the foam, to extend the life of the bed.

The Layla Sleep Mattress

The award-winning Layla boasts being the first mattress to feature copper technology to its memory foam mattresses with its unique materials. It also offers you not one, but two firmness levels, in one product, meaning you can choose between either the soft or the firm model option.

This mattress will best-suit side sleepers as its design and materials mean shoulder pain and stiffness through a lack of softness and flexibility that other mattresses can cause are eradicated. Oh, and it also aids blood flow and circulation too!

The Nectar

Made using a gel memory foam material, this model is considered to be a very comfortable bed that comes in at a very appealing price for the quality of the product.

Providing high-density foam to enables more pressure and comfort with its breathable memory foam supports sound slumber, and with a budget-friendly price too, you can’t go wrong with this mattress!  

The DreamCloud

Here, we have one of the best-ranking hybrid memory foam mattresses you can find on the market at a respectable price. Its many layers (eight) provide sleepers with the correct kind of support, as opposed to that forced position found with other mattresses.

Along with its solid quality and excellent materials, the overall review of the DreamCLoud mattress is that it provides comfort, support and just what your body needs to avoid discomfort.

The Drooma

Latex and memory foam come complete with the very affordable mattress that comes into the list based on its budget appeal.

Softness and a good comfort are guaranteed, particularly for you side sleepers. Additionally, the cooling effect is a key feature to focus on as it works really well! The Drooma’s memory foam gel and natural latex layer help to increase comfort and support an improved night’s sleep.

The Casper

This latex and memory foam mattress is the perfect fit for people who tend to sleep on their back. This is an all-foam mattress, and this basically means that it comes with great responsiveness and the combination of the polyfoam and memory foam will provide an overall improved sleeping experience.

You can also benefit from one of the best cooling systems around, which is absolutely great thanks to the cooling comfort foam added into the design of this high-end mattress.

The Bear Mattress

In what might be a unique selling point that many people haven’t seen before, the Bear is specifically made for athletes and those who lead an active lifestyle.

The gel memory foam provides soothing, cool sleep. The mattress aids with improved blood circulation while also easing pain and pressure for those who may be suffering from issues related to their joints.

The Aviya

With is premium quality materials and supporting different sleeping types , the Aviya also provides an additional two more inches of thickness, compared to other mattresses, which assists in making it more durable.

The high-density foam, along with the coil system, are engineered to present the optimal support for a sound night’s sleep.

Another attractive selling point is the good smell of this mattress, thanks to its eco-friendly, raw materials.

The Avocado

This mattress is a wonderful eco-friendly choice, with organic latex and some lovely features that use its comfort, durability, pressure relief and comfort to provide a mattress well worthy of making our list.

You can expect very high-quality materials that are 100% natural, along with its medium firmness to give the right pressure to your back and spine.

The Nolah

Utilising air foam, this mattress best-serves people with back pain. What’s more, the Nolah comes with many special features and characteristics that give it its appeal make it stand out alongside the air flow technology.

There’s also the high-density polyurethane foam, and when paired with the air flow tech, they combine to create a supremely supportive and comfortable mattress. If you are considered overweight, then this model could well be the mattress for you as it’s solid enough to hold your weight while also maintaining softness as well.