Top 10 DIY Tips to Keep Your HVAC Systems Run Properly


Homeowners need machines like HVAC systems to make their homes comfortable. If your home does not have such systems, then it is high time that you invest in one. Some people prefer to hire a technician to help them set and maintain their systems. But if you want to save money and time, it would be best to do it yourself (DIY). So, once you acquire the HVAC system from a supplier like Canarm, make sure you contemplate on the below tips to help you offer maintenance services to the equipment. 

  1. Maintain the Cleanliness of the Outdoor Units

HVAC systems have outdoor components that should be appropriately maintained. A compressor unit is an example of the outdoor parts. So, if the winter is over, ensure you clean the unit immediately. 

You should also remember to cut off the tall vegetation and clean up specks of dust or dirt. Moreover, consider checking the inner units. If they are dirty, make sure you clean them too. 

  1. Clean the Evaporator Coil

Cleaning the evaporator coils of your machine has never been easier. So, if you are to clean the coils without seeking help from an expert, it would be thoughtful to carry out extensive and intensive research. 

You need a soft cloth or brush to clean up the evaporator coil. Otherwise, if you use just any other brush, you will scratch the evaporator coil. 

  1. Make the Condensation Line Tidy

The condensation line of the system is one of the parts that take part in making a home comfortable. Hence, it is vital to keep the condensation line tidy all the time. You need to regularly wipe off the dust and dry the moisture around this component. If the moistures accumulate, the whole system will break down. 

Accumulation of moisture facilitates the development of species like algae and mold. These species can reduce the airflow in your home. So, make sure you dry the condensation line to avoid all these. 

  1. Replace Old Filters with New Ones

It is vital to replace your old HVAC filters with new ones. Some people prefer to replace the filters yearly while others opt to change them after six months. Depending on some aspects like the location of your home, ensure you make a decision that you think is best for the system. 

For example, if you stay around a dusty place, make sure you replace them after three months. Such specks of dust can accumulate around the filters of the machine; thus, reducing the flow of air in your house. 

  1. Clean the Drains of the Machine

If the pipe of the equipment stops dripping, it means your HVAC system is not working correctly. With such a sign, you need to check the drains immediately to make sure they are in good condition. So, get rid of dirt and any other form of debris that has accumulated around the area. 

Clean the dirt or debris on time to ensure your machine operates appropriately. 

  1. Reshape as well as Straighten the Fins of the Equipment

Fins are among the components that you can find in HVAC systems. But these parts are fragile. So, if they are not handled properly, they may bend. Overworking the equipment can cause the bending of fins too. Once you notice such a sign, make sure you straighten and reshape them again. 

You will need a tool like fin straighteners to help you reshape and straighten the HVAC fins. Remember to handle the fins properly to avoid damaging the tubes in the fins. 

  1. Level up the Machine

Many things can cause the breakdown of your equipment. Some of these things are avoidable, while others are not. These things can change the position of the machine. 

So, it would be thoughtful to check the equipment regularly to see if it is in the right position. If you notice that its position has changed, make sure you level it up. 

  1. Put Off the Power

Every time you are maintaining the components of the HVAC system, make sure you put off the equipment. The machine has a power button that you can use to put it on or off. 

Locate the power button in the system. If you do not know how you can find it, use a manual that came with the machine. The manual will show you where the power button is located on the machine. 

  1. Set up the Float Switch

As mentioned above, moisture can accumulate around the condensation line. So, it is thoughtful to take extra precautions to ensure the airflow in the drain lines is effective. When the moisture builds up, the switch of the condensate component will turn on to get rid of it. 

If the switch fails to work, the moisture will accumulate around the system. This will damage the wood that supports the HVAC units. So, installing the float switch will help you to pump out the moisture and avoid the development of unwanted species like mildew. 

  1. Cut Down Long Branches and Vegetation

Long branches can destroy the fins of your machine. Some of them can block the airflow or bend the fins. Neglecting this issue can result in the breakdown of the entire system. So, make sure you check the machine regularly. 

You need an ax, machete, or blade to cut off the long branches. This way, you will keep your machine up and running for a long time. 

Final Remarks

HVAC systems are one of the machines that you may use to make your home comfortable. It would be best if you do everything possible to ensure it is well maintained. Remember, you don’t need an expert to offer maintenance services. Hiring an expert is costly and time-consuming at the same time. So, if you know how the machine operates, know that you can easily cut down long branches, clean the drains, replace the filters, reshape the fins, and make the condensation line tidy. Hence, do it yourself to save time and resources.