Top 10 Glass Table Decor Ideas For Wedding Ceremony


The purpose of a table in a wedding ceremony is to provide a surface where guest can comfortably merry while enjoying the other programs of the ceremony. It should be large enough so that each guest can sit and enjoy their meal in a comfortable position. Also, we must not forget that a table would bear a certain type of decorations. Another thing that can be a challenge is planning the best Glass Table layout to adopt while decorating, because a good table set up doesn’t only beautify the place, but also inspires the ease of starting a conversation.

For example, round glass coffee tables in your living room would allow each guest to see each other. This will make it easier for them to chat, and therefore is considered as a good conversation starter. You can apply the same logic on your wedding table as well. A round table will keep people closer, and therefore make them interact more. 

Things To Consider

When planning your table arrangements, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Visibility: You can’t enjoy a wedding ceremony if the purpose of the event cannot be seen from all table angles. There are key areas in a reception ceremony that need to be visible irrespective of where the tables are set up, because periods like when the couple is making their grand entrance, first dance, toast and cake cutting are normal entertainment sessions that guests would love to see and capture these moments. This means that you should be careful when decorating your glass tables. If the centerpiece is too high, guests will not be able to see the most important moments of the wedding. 
  • Dancing: a very important aspect of a wedding ceremony is the dance time, everybody either loves to dance or watch others dance and so enough space should be left for a dance floor.
  • Navigation: A considerable amount of space between tables should be allowed for easy movement either to make use of a restroom, to access the dance floor, get to a buffet area if it’s that type of ceremony or for mingling in general. A glass table comes with its own unique style, giving the wedding ceremony a classy ambiance, it equally creates some level of caution and orderliness in the area. When a wedding with many people has the presence of glass materials you would want to be careful to avoid any glass related accidents.
  • Lighting: tables should also be strategically placed to allow for perfect lighting effects.

How To Decorate A Glass Table

However, knowing about the types of tables and the uses of these tables in weddings gives you a better understanding of the best areas in which glass tables can be used. Generally, a glass table is suitable for use in all kinds of wedding ceremonies because no matter the tabletop decoration you have in mind, the glass table simply brings out the best of the choice of décor you make. Here are a few ideas that will help you get the idea of decorating glass tables in a wedding ceremony:

  1. The application of colorful glittery wine bottles, these can be used as centerpieces on the glass tables, now imagine the beauty that illuminates from the reflection of the wine bottles.
  2. The use of flowers is always the perfect way to add beauty and color to your wedding ceremony and having them placed on your glass table simply adds to the already existing style and beauty they respectively bring.
  3. Think about implementing some beautifully colored candles, which is just another simple way to add that romantic ambiance to your wedding ceremony by having the beautifully placed and arranged on the table.
  4. The use of vintage books, though rare and probably most preferred by book-loving couples can be placed on a glass table to add color or used as a platform to place a vase or mason jar on top of it.
  5. Foliage can also be used atop glass tables in a wedding ceremony, the type of foliage you chose can go a long way in helping to bring your wedding theme to life.
  6. Using a tablecloth is not the best choice for a glass table. It will cover the surface, and therefore the table will lose the point. You should leave it without any large fabrics on top. Instead, go with a nice runner and elegant placemats for the plates.