Top 3 Part-Time Maid Agencies in Singapore


We all know that a trustable maid is so important in our daily life. And frankly speaking, searching a trustable maid all alone is not at all an easy job. Without getting the proper bio-data of the maid how you are going to know whether she is reliable or not? Thanks to the trustworthy part-time maid agencies in Singapore who have made the maid hiring experience so easy and pleasant. Maid hiring agencies give you the privilege to find out the “perfect maid” for you.

We know how important a helper is in the life of busy workers. These reliable agencies provide you, foreign domestic helpers, coming from different cultures and backgrounds that match your criteria.

As we know the importance of maid agencies, we have piled up three best part-time maid agencies in Singapore that are not only dependable but also super affordable. All these agencies are MOM licensed agencies with years of experience in this field.


Maid agencies in Singapore that you can completely rely on

Auntie Cleaner Part Time Maid – Majority of people who reside in Singapore has a pretty high standard of living. Most of them have big attractive houses that are quite hard to clean, especially when the owner remains busy with work. This is when companies like Auntie Cleaner comes to rescue. Here are the chief benefits offered by the agency:

Years of experience and expertise- This particular company has years of experience in this field. Also, it has expertise so they maintain a very high level of cleaning standards. The helpers use industrial-grade equipment to provide you with the best service.Maintains Hygiene- The most important factor to be considered while hiring a maid agency is Hygiene. The maids offered by the company conducts organized work and maintains absolute hygiene. Customization available- Auntie cleaner allows you to customize their packages. You can inform the helper your requirements and they will work accordingly.


@bsolute Part-Time Maid – The next name that comes in our list is @bsolute Part-Time Maid. This particular company offers reliable part-time maids at an affordable rate. If you are new in this city and looking for a good part-time maid, then you should contact this company. There are very few companies in Singapore that offer part-time maid services. The agency offers the following benefits:

Affordable- Several maid agencies in Singapore might charge you a lot of bucks for doing cleaning and household activities. This is the reason most of you think hiring an agency means spending double money. But it’s not the case with absolute cleaners. They offer high-quality work at affordable rates. Extremely reliable- There have been cases were maids have gone for work and they have stolen stuff from the home. Later on, the company did not take any liability of such an act. But this is not the case with absolute cleaners. The maids supplied by them are vetted and are extremely trustable. You can give them complete access to your home and they will clean your home efficiently without getting you into any trouble. Time efficiency- The maids hired by the agency have been trained separately to maintain time and conduct the work as quickly as possible (with proper efficiency). They will perform all activities assigned by within the given time and not waste time in any unnecessary work. Absolute good services- The maids are trained to work in a specific manner. The cleaning will be done according to your specifications and the high standard of work will be maintained throughout.


E Home Services Part Time Maid – Last but not the least E home services, is one such agency that not only offers part-time maid services but also aircon, cleaning, laundry and other household services. You can choose different packages according to your needs. Their part-time maid services include cleaning furniture, home appliances and many more. The agency sends high-end professional maids who are specially trained to perform the work within time. They use standard equipment to deliver high-class service and makes sure that the customers are satisfied completely. The agency has years of experience and is authorized.

If you need a reliable and professional helper in Singapore, feel free to contact these agencies and get all your work done without any headache.