Top 3 Problems Facing The World’s Children


Fortunately, in the 21st century, potential problems that target children have gone down over the past few decades. Certain issues such as disease (mumps, measles, Rubella) and hunger have dropped drastically with scientific advancements and charitable donations. However, there are more modern problems that face the world’s youth: not as dangerous as a plague or measles, but still very harmful. But what are these new problems we should be out on the look for? Here are some of the top 3 problems facing the world’s children. 

Nicotine and Vaping

Smoking has been a health issue since the dawn of time, the only difference now is the industrialized and strengthened products in the market today. In the 1950s, smoking cigarettes was all the rage. This trend was promoted as a weight-loss drug, stress-reliever, and a positive habit overall; nevertheless, the truth eventually came to the surface. Diseases and cancer were the results of this trend, and now, history might repeat itself. Vaping (electronic cigarettes) is the new trend that allows convenient and concentrated nicotine to the world’s youth.

Mental Health

Now more than ever, the mental health of kids, teenagers, and young adults is at frighteningly bad levels. Extreme issues such as depression, anxiety, and suicide are up by a considerable amount amongst the 18-25 age demographic. There are many theories as to why this is, including social media, loss of community, single-parent households, and other similar factors. Strangely enough, this trend appears to mainly occur in first-world countries. Luckily, this negative trend has been gaining attention and many resources have become available to the youths that need them. It’s important to create a culture where young people feel comfortable talking openly. 

Auto Accidents

And lastly, auto accidents involving teens and young adults are another serious problem they face. Unfortunately, technology can be a double-edged sword. The rise of texting and driving has become a large problem for every vehicle on the road. Some studies have shown that using your phone while driving has similar results to driving under the influence. Putting down the phone while driving will help young adults and teens stay out of the hospitals and they won’t need stem cell therapies to heal their bodies from the professionals at ThriveMD.