Top 3 Tips and Ideas For Giving Your Home A Makeover


The Covid-19 pandemic has been keeping many people home and itching for a change in their lifestyle, the way they dress, or their jobs. Many are also finding themselves wanting to upgrade their house decor. In this article, I’ll share with you tips on how to give your home a makeover that you will love.


Let’s get started!

#1: Best Sectional Sofas

To begin your home makeover, make your way to the living room. Living rooms are usually the main room and the main focus of the home so you’ve got to have it looking its’ best. Here’s a list of furniture that you should try to have in the living room:

  • Sofas
  • Side Tables 
  • Coffee Tables
  • Table lamps and ceiling fans
  • Bookcases
  • Throw pillows for the couch

Start with the sofa since it is the largest piece of furniture in the room and will essentially be the main focus and design. It’s best to make sure to pick one that is both beautiful and comfortable. CladHome has some of the best sectional sofas sold online. Be sure to take a look. With the sofa in place, you can design everything else around it.

#2:  Kitchen Upgrade

Next up, is the kitchen, my favorite room in the house. The kitchen is the second most-used space in the home. Kitchens really have a way of bringing everyone together, whether it’s a birthday party for family and friends or a simple family dinner. Here’s a list of upgrades you can do in the kitchen that will definitely spice it up:

  1. Kitchen island
  2. Repaint the cabinets
  3. New handles or knobs for the cabinets 
  4. Backsplash for the countertops
  5. New countertops

All of these upgrades are sure to make your kitchen stand out, but it might get costly. Make sure to check your budget and see if all of these upgrades can be done. If you can’t do them all because you are on a budget, start with the small things. These will really make a difference.

#3:  Artwork And More

After you have upgraded the living room and the kitchen, there are just a few more things that you can do to really change the look and feel of your home. Start with the lighting. It is the most important aspect in a room. You don’t want it to be too dark or too bright. If you have the option, let in as much natural light as possible. If needed, you can purchase overhead lighting of all sorts or lamps. Be sure to check out which suits your needs and your tastes best.

Other small things that can really help spruce up the place is having artwork and picture frames on the walls, fake plants in different corners of the rooms and area rugs. Add these with a fresh coat of paint on the wall and you’re all set.

Wrap Up:

Upgrading your home can be fun and exciting. It can also get costly so first check and see what you can afford to do. Start with the little changes like paint on the walls and work your way up. Soon, your home will bring a smile to your face and everyone who walks in. Enjoy!