Top 4 Untold Uses of a HVLP Spray Gun


High-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) spray guns bring with them some uses. While you can commonly find them in auto refinishing shops for purposes of painting and clearing coat, the units are also handy in old fields too. Their efficiency is the main reason for their rise in popularity.

Compared to other spray guns, the transfer efficiency of the best HVLP spray gun is 30% better. Additionally, there’s far less overspray. These two main attributes make these guns friendly for the environment.

Having said that, let us now look at the various areas where you can use a HVLP gun:

Furniture Finishing

Furniture finishing remains one of the areas that benefit the most from exacting spray work. The fact that a HVLP spray gun has low pressure means that users can hold the gun nearer to the surface. Whether it’s putting coats or lacquer or varnish, the gun’s efficiency makes the gun ideal for furniture finishing work.

Actually, with the equipment, spraying is always more exact. It gives better coverage compared to other methods of application. Finally, yet importantly, this kind of spraying is quicker thus cutting the finishing time substantially.

Architectural Coating

The use of the spray gun is applicable in different kinds of architectural coatings. It features a small nozzle, which helps you apply thin coatings to a drywall mud. You can use it for both outdoor and indoor work.

Because of its little overspray, you can rest assured that it’s ideal for any outdoor situation. In such situations, overspray can turnout to be a highly costly addition in your budget. What is for sure is that using this spray pays for itself real time. The versatility of the gun means you can use it in an array of situations, from commercial to domestic.

Marine Finishing

Just like spraying is highly important to the above two areas, using this kind of a gun is rewarding in marine finishing. In this regard, chances are high that you’ll spray varnish into wood or even paint onto the metal. The best attribute about the gun is that the fact that it’s effective on both metal and wood.

Adjusting the nozzle correctly will guarantee you excellent coverage. The gun’s transfer efficiency will guarantee you a smooth operation. When using it, ensure it’s as close to the surface as possible (normally four inches away). Secondly and finally, you need to cut down on the overspray since the paint tends to be released at low pressure.


When you step into most if not all auto refinishing shop, there’s high probability that you’ll see a HVLP spray gun. In the recent years, new types of guns have replaced the older ones. The new ones are quickly becoming the tool of preference for those that paint cars.

They boast the ability to handle paint, primer, as well as clear coat extremely easily. They also feature the added advantage of not requiring buffing clear coat. While in the automotive sector it’s mostly professionals that use the tool, you can also purchase yours for use at home.

When you adjust it correctly and match it with a proper air compressor, you’ll discover that it’ll speed up the job. You also stand to benefit from saving substantial amounts of money since it’s economical on materials. While there’s a small learning curve, you have to take when it comes to using the unit, using it is very simple. You can easily understand the curve. After learning, the experience tends to be smoother compared to using other spray guns.

In Summary …

For many years, spray finishing was the job of professionals only. However, that is not the case anymore. Today, just like it’s evident from the above discussion, the gun is handy in an array of areas. The above are just some of them.