Top 5 Career Paths for Creative People


Finding the right path for your skills and desires is tricky. People agonize over their college majors, or whether they even need to attend college at all. Creative people, particularly, have a difficult time with decisions and choosing a specific path for themselves. They want to explore their creativity and passions, and choosing a career path might feel a bit like forcing themselves into a box when they want to be able to celebrate their ingenuity. Many choose to go into the arts, but these are not the only options for those with creative minds. Keep reading to see some other jobs perfectly suited to “right brained” people.

  1. Acting/The Stage or Screen

This one is typically a “go to” for many creative minds – acting, and all aspects of live theatre, television, and film, are incredibly rewarding but a tough chosen career path for many. The world of entertainment is cutthroat in many ways, and jobs may seem scarce. However, if you can find success in the realm of performing arts, it is a great creative outlet. There are so many pieces that need to fit together to create a great production, and all of them require creative thinking and problem solving, as well as imagination.

  1. Artist

If performing arts is not your style, maybe something like art – which spans writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, and more – will be better suited to you. Physical art, or studio art to some, is not necessarily less demanding than performing arts, but it is a different sort of demanding with far more options. If you are more exposed to digital art, you can be a graphic designer. Many tech companies nowadays open opportunities and offer graphic designer jobs to help them build their brand and attract customers. Once you find the physical manifestation of your creativity that feels best suited to you, it is also up to you to forge your path in the art world. There are ways to help yourself, but in the end, it is all your choice.

  1. Construction

While you may be creative in mind, you might also be hoping for something a bit more practical, where income might be more guaranteed. Something to look into might be construction, particularly contractors, designers, and builders. All of these involve a lot of creative thinking and problem solving, which can be great for those who desire a creative challenge. Contractors, especially, are some of the happiest in their field. If you think the more traditional artist route is not right for you, construction work is definitely a great alternative for creative outlet.

  1. Editors

Some people use writing as a method of creative expression, but they do not want other people to see their writing. It might be a passion that they are embarrassed about, or do not see themselves as “good”. However, for the shy writer, or for someone who enjoys reading and creative critical thinking, editing is a fantastic job. There are all sorts of editing jobs out there, from websites to magazines to books and more. If you are passionate about writing but do not desire to be a writer yourself, consider becoming an editor.

  1. Public Relations

Those with creative minds often find themselves drawn to people and the way the mind works. A great way to utilize this critical thinking would be a public relations worker. The job requires a lot of critical thinking, creative problem solving, and interpersonal skill – perfect for many right-brained individuals. With a PR job, you can use your creative mind in so many ways – figuring out what appeals to people both individually and as a whole, finding creative solutions to your problems, creating campaigns and symbols that positively represent your company, and more. Public relations is a job that requires a lot of work, but also yields a lot of rewards.

You may know that you are creative, but you are not sure what you want to do about it. Office jobs do not sound appealing, but maybe one of the jobs above will be just the right fit for your skills. If not, though, put that creativity to good use and do some brainstorming and research to find the job that will make you happy!