Top 5 Chess Sets to Buy for Real Chess Lovers


Do you have a friend or a family member who is a chess lover? With such a person, the best way to make their lives merry is by gifting them with chess sets during their special day. Doing this will create a special part in their hearts. However, it might be a challenge to determine the best set to buy for them. 

As chess popularity grows, many types of chess sets are surfacing in the market. But if you want to surprise real chess lovers, here are some of the chess sets to buy for them:

Ellis Chess Set

This chess set has an elegant and appealing look. It features a magazine design and different hues beyond the traditional black and white pattern. Also, it comes with striking and beautiful chess pieces crafted from high-quality wood. Some are even made of brass, gold, and other high-end luxury components. 

It acts as a good gift for chess lovers as they can use decorative elements. The appealing and attractive appearance also inspires them to keep playing the game. 

The Queen’s Gambit Chess Set 

Does chess loving friend a fan of The Queen’s Gambit Netflix show? No better way to brighten their lives than buying this chess set for them. The Queen’s Gambit Chess Set is prevalent of Beth. Your friend might like to embrace this character and enjoy a classical moment playing chess. 

This piece has a simple appearance. But this should not deceive you. The chess set is a product of mahogany and fine maple veneers. This material gives it an outstanding and elegant feel. It will inspire any chess lover to keep challenging their opponents.    

Small Medieval Theme Metal Chess Set

Any chess lover desires a vintage experience. You want to have a feeling of your ancestors by using the same chess set they used. If you have a chess lover, you can help them realize this dream by getting the Small Medieval Theme Metal Chess Set. 

This set combines a modern and a classical feel. The luxury chess set is a product by Italfama, a renowned Italian chess manufacturer. It features metal chess pieces and a leatherette chessboard with an elegant design. 

With this chess set, you will surprise the recipient and give them a reason to strengthen your friendship. The piece is beautiful and will serve as an additional décor to their house. 

DGT Chess Sets

Revolutionizing the way your friend play chess is the greatest thing you can ever do for them. The secret to doing this is getting them a DGT Chess Set. This electronic chess set comes with technological modification and innovative features. 

For instance, they can record, store, and retrieve each game. Some sets even feature a tutor mode that helps the players to enhance their playing skills. Gifting a chess lover with this device can be the best way to appreciate and support their effort. However, be ready to dig deep into your pockets as these chess sets are not cheap.

Demo Chess Sets

Every player needs to up their game. But this is not possible without understanding their moves. A chess player must analyze their moves and determine where they are making a wrong decision. Through this aspect, they can develop new tactics.

You can help them move one step ahead by buying them a demo chess set. This set offers them an opportunity to demonstrate their moves and understand their game. Also, it can be a helpful piece if they are training some players. So, it is a perfect gift for your chess lovers.

Now, you know the best chess sets to buy for a chess lover. Go and get one for them and become their darling forever.