Top 5 Details Worth Checking When Buying a Used Car in the US


When you’re in the market for a used vehicle, the best thing you can do for yourself is to be properly prepared for this kind of purchase. So, here are the five biggest  things to check before buying your next car.

5 Things to Check Before Purchasing a Used Vehicle

Whenever US residents buy a used car, they should always request a meeting with its buyer to look it over and talk about its characteristics. This time will not last long and buyers will want you to make the final decision right here as there is a queue of buyers coming after you. This is why one needs the FAX VIN online service to observe all relevant information within seconds and make a quick decision looking at the following 5 details:

  1. Car history and its conformity with what its seller suggests: Sometimes real car history contains surprises even for the seller. That is why if you see any deviation, tell that to your seller. If buyer really hadn’t known that, you can ask for the price reduction but if you see any deceptive attempts – the sure answer is no;
  2. License plate and vehicle identification number validity. Counterfeiting these unique parts is a widely-disseminated practice so one should take it seriously. Instant VIN (a vehicle identification number) and license plate checks are available but they don’t come for free;
  3. Vehicle title and brand’s information: When a department of motor vehicles (DMV) assigns salvage title to any vehicle, it makes literally impossible to sell a car (even at the low price). That is why if that information is present, sellers try to hide it by any means artificially lowering vehicle’s price for soaring demand;
  4. Any issues with this car getting to a recycling firm as they might reveal its total damage. You may not know that from your seller but you will definitely know that from online services; Check how much does it cost to repair car scratches.
  5. Latest mileage estimates: Lowering odometer’s values is not that difficult, so odometer’s frauds are among the most frequent in the market. Better look at its last readings from DMV(department of motor vehicles) reports and only then judge about their credibility.

Last But Not Least

If you see that this car is in a good condition but you still have some worries, you’d better visit websites, which can estimate its fair market value. The most frequent situation is when the car is over-valued, so when you see that the fair value is lower, you can require a lower price. This does not mean that you will purchase your vehicle for this price but at least you will motivate the seller to lower it. If you need anymore advice for buying a car, check out this infographic from Hire Brid.


We hope that  the above used-vehicle purchasing guide has given you a good insight on buying a used car. We would like you to share your experience with us.