Top 5 hotels with indoor water features 


Indoor water features have a soothing and calming effect on people. It is a way of bringing the tranquil ambience of nature indoors, and that’s, perhaps, the reason why so many hotels have indoor water features in the hotel reception.

These indoor water features create a focal point and can often leave hotel guests mesmerised and relaxed – a wonderful start to a holiday. Indoor water features also have health benefits. They remove allergens, dust and other microscopic airborne particles from the air, leaving the air cleaner and fresher.

Hotels definitely should think about adding an indoor water feature. In fact, here are top 5 hotels with amazing indoor water features.

  1. Sofitel Hotel, Gatwick Airport

This hotel has two amazing indoor water features. One is a water wall and the other is a water tower. The two water features are located within the hotel’s atrium and create a spectacular effect on guests entering the hotel.

The water wall is made up of semi-reflective glass and this creates an illusion that the water is flowing up and down a wall at the same time.

solar water feature

  1. Hilton at St. George’s Park, Burton upon Trent

This unique hotel is ensconced in the National Forest. Not satisfied with the surrounding natural beauty, the hotel has an indoor as well as an outdoor water feature. The outdoor water feature is in the hotel courtyard, but it is the indoor one that is truly spellbinding.

The reception area has a water feature located under the port cochure and is a welcoming and soothing sight for guests checking into the hotel.

Kew Garden

  1. Burj al Arab, United Arab Emirates

This hotel is more renowned around the world for its innovative sail architecture. However, it has an equally amazing indoor water feature in the atrium.

This circular indoor water feature has water arches that are illuminated with white fibre optic lighting. The arches envelop a sloped bowl made from multi-hued glass aggregate.

The other indoor water feature the hotel has, is a captivating terraced waterfall that cascades down from a height of 7 metres. This waterfall is visually dramatic, thanks to the 80 multi-sized diamond-shaped trays the water descends into. This tray is decorated with vibrantly coloured glass aggregate.

different water feature

  1. Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, Nashville, Tennessee

The Gaylord Opryland Resort has a unique ambience. It is renowned for its numerous indoor water features.

It has indoor gardens, spread over an area of 9 acres, and these gardens are home to beautiful waterfalls that are not just fun, but also gorgeous to look at. The cascades amid lush greenery is truly rejuvenating and relaxing.

water features

  1. Marriott Desert Springs Timeshare Resort, Palm Desert, California

The reception area is cannot get more spectacular. It has lights dangling from the ceiling and vines cascading from balconies. But what really captivates guests is the presence of the indoor water features.

There are several waterfalls in the reception and they cascade into an indoor lake. The lake is huge enough to accommodate water taxis that transport guests from the reception to the other parts of the resort!

If you are in the hospitality industry, you should think of installing an indoor water feature. It will transform the interiors of your hotel and also have a positive effect on guests. Wave Water Features is renowned for its innovative and unique range of water features and accessories that are perfect for hotels and restaurants. Get in touch with them today to get a quote.