Top 5 Must-Haves to Include in Your Backyard Redesign


As the spring and summer months are approaching, homeowners are beginning to consider how to spruce up or redesign their outdoor space, specifically their backyard. People are becoming more creative with their backyard design ideas because of interior design websites and social media apps such as Pinterest and Instagram. However, how does a homeowner decide what to incorporate in his or her yard? What’s practical, yet still attractive? Will some backyard designs become outdated sooner than others? 


It’s important to keep all of these questions in mind as you begin to consider how to redesign your outdoor space. Below is a quick guide to some of the most popular backyard design trends that seem to offer solutions to all exterior design concerns.

Trendy Design Elements to Incorporate in Your Backyard

 With the endless amounts of inspiration found online, choosing what to include in your yard redesign can be hard. Here are the top five design elements to include in your new backyard this spring and summer: 

A Deck Designed to Entertain

Decks are a great way to enhance the appearance of a backyard living space. In fact, decks are growing in popularity as people are beginning to entertain outdoors more often. Decks that are designed with the intent to entertain can include a number of different things such as:

  • Installing built-in bench seating
  • Adding a hot tub or on-deck pool
  • Authentic outdoor furniture
  • Unique railings and staircases
  • A green roof- a roof designed with copious amounts of lush green plants

A custom home builder in Cherry Hill pointed out, “Decks are one of the best ways to make an outdoor living space an exciting and attractive place to be; the opportunities are endless when to comes to designing a deck.” 

Additionally, it’s important to design a deck that is durable and easy to clean if you plan to entertain often; a great option is a composite deck.

A Breathe-Taking Flower Covered Pergola

Pergolas can instantly add a certain look or mood to your backyard. Pergolas have the ability to create any kind of outdoor living space you have in mind. You can give your yard an elegant feel by installing lights at the top of a glossy finished pergola, or you can give your yard a relaxed feel by adding plants to your pergola; specifically flowers and vines.

Flowers and vines are a popular trend in pergola design right now because of the gorgeous aesthetic value they bring to a backyard redesign. A flower-covered pergola adds a relaxed, yet classic look to your yard. Whether your pergola is large or small, adding flowers is a great way to make your yard an authentic outdoor space. Flowers covering the top of a pergola add shade and beauty.

A “Pop” Feature

Another great element to incorporate into your backyard redesign is a pop feature. Pop features can include:

  • A statement piece of outdoor furniture
  • A beautifully crafted dining area
  • A fountain
  • Your own citrus trees
  • String lights along the perimeter of your yard or deck

Pop features are designed to make your backyard stand out in a classy way. These features can be inexpensive and are a great idea if you are a person that fears their design will become outdated. If you incorporate a single pop feature in an otherwise stereotypical yard, you can change it from season to season or replace it easily if you aren’t happy with it over time.

An Authentic Fire Pit 

As you consider ways to redesign your yard, think about installing an authentic-looking firepit. Firepits come in a variety of different shapes, styles, and designs. Firepits are typically designed with stones, as you begin your yard design, think about using unique shapes and colors of stones to build your firepit; or, install a firepit onto your deck rather than on the grass. 

Adding seating around your firepit can also add to the aesthetic value of your firepit.

An Outdoor Bar Or Kitchen

Outdoor bars and kitchens are growing in popularity. Outdoor bars and kitchens are phenomenal ways to enhance your yard this spring and summer. Not only do outdoor bars and kitchens add a fantastic layer of luxury to your yard, but they also allow you to entertain and host gatherings more often.  

Outdoor bars and kitchens have vast possibilities and can be as involved as you want. As you begin to design your yard to incorporate either one of these design elements, talk to a professional in order to get the outdoor bar or kitchen of your dreams.

Start Transforming Your Outdoor Space Today

Designing an outdoor space is an exciting time, yet it also requires a lot of special attention and patience. Make sure to do the proper amount of research before redesigning your backyard. As you begin to transform your outdoor space, keep these design elements in mind in order to create a current, gorgeous and practical outdoor living area.