Top 5 Rain Jackets For Women In 2020


Rain jackets are an awesome and must-have fashion piece in a woman’s fashion collection. They are not only timeless but quite classy and fashionable, too. Over time, the world of women fashion has incorporated jackets as a timeless fashion piece that has got celebrities and fashion icons rocking this admirable piece. It has become so popular in a modern-day fashion that we now have so many brands and styles of rain jackets in the market. This can be confusing for a simple shopper. Don’t know what to look out for when shopping for Rain Jackets? Well, we got you. Here are the top five Rain Jackets we think you should look out for when next you are shopping for a rain jacket.


The Rains Curve Jacket 

This is one amazing must-have piece for the rainy days. It’s a jacket that covers you while still accentuating your feminine curves. Made of 64% Polyester and 36% Polyurethane, the Rains curve jacket is just ideal seasonal wear to spell out your femininity. The jacket is inspired by the timeless trench coat with a matte finish. It has adjustable cuffs, two spacious pockets, a hidden waterproof zipper, fishtail, an adjustable hood and waist belt, and a front placket with snap buttons.   

The Transparent Belt Jacket

This belted jacket is not only chic but classy too! Its transparent design allows for you to still be able to show off some style underneath the jacket. This jacket has got large pockets and tonal buttons along the front placket to give it an exclusively clean finishing.

Transparent Hooded Coat 

The transparent hooded coat is an impressive piece of clothing that just screams ‘classy’ to its admirers! If you are that classy babe with a high taste, then this jacket is your ideal wardrobe essential in Rain, 2020. This design comes in basic but admirable colors such as foggy white, foggy coral, foggy black and foggy green. The fabric has got ventilated air holes made from water-resistant matte PU. This design has a drawstring hood that showcases the Rains signature, built-in cap, and it is well worth your every penny.

The W Jacket 

The Rains W Jacket is on our top five because it has earned it. The jacket comes in basic bold colors, namely red, black and true blue. Thinking of an outfit that still speaks of your bold personality and style in one look? Then the W jacket is something you should shop for. The jacket has got this sporty element to it, with raglan sleeves, elastic curves, and a drawstring waist to accentuate the waistline.  

The Rains Overcoat 

This coat is quite on the high side but it is well worth your money invested. The Rains Overcoat is a simple straight cut style that has a matte look made from a waterproof fabric. The overcoat gives you an edgy look with its oversized collar and welt pockets. It is designed with a tie belt at the waist and hidden snap buttons.