Top 5 reasons why you should choose Hostels over Hotels


Gustave Flaubert, French prose writer considered to be one of the best western authors of his time, once said Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”, and he couldn’t be more correct. Traveling puts things into perspective. It allows you to realize that there are far bigger objectives over your tedious work routine.

One of the most beautiful experiences travel unveils, is that every day is different and new information is acquired. There are no routines, no set rules and no expectations. You can do whatever you want, whenever you please. Alongside, you can also make friends for life and connect with other cultures. However, for a real travel experience, you should stay in a hostel and below are some of the reasons.

Hostels are your safest bet regarding accommodation during your next trip. Skip the hotel high prices and consider spending your nights on a cozy and friendly hostel along with travelers just like you!

  • Meet New People

Hostels are the perfect places to meet fellow travelers from anywhere around the world. You might even find people who inspire you and discover new cultures and different mindsets. If you want a real-life experience where you meet new people you can’t miss the meetings in the kitchen or in the common area.  A lot of hostel goers are solo travelers, therefore are to glad chat, eat together, go sightseeing, even grab some beers or go clubbing.

  • Always Different

Unlike hotels, where a person already knows what awaits when it’s booked, each hostel is different and brings a home feel to it.  Other than a minority hostel chains which offer similar kinds of accommodation, usually a hostel is unique, small and offers a familiar environment to your stay.  Often the staff are volunteers and have always amusing stories to tell and share with newcomers. In addition, the decoration usually incorporates elements of local culture and represents the city they are in.

  • Party

There are many types of hostels you can choose: some are so-called party hostels, but most are much more relaxed. Make sure you read a couple of reviews beforehand to know what type of hostel you’re booking and avoid those you may not be interested in your journey.  If you want to go out and get drunk, chances are that someone else at the hostel will want to too.  In that case, if you are in fact looking for a trip with some party vibes, there are well-known ‘party hostels’ in each city, so it’s just a matter of doing a simple search online.

  • Sustainability


Hostels are generally created and ruled by conscious people who worry about the environment and try to lessen their impact. Most often than not, people think that sustainable or green hostels are defined by using green or renewable energy, but there is more to that. One example of a green hostel is in Barcelona: Sleep Green.

They are the first urban youth hostel in Spain to have been awarded the EU eco-label and they offer dormitories of 4 or 6 beds, free WiFi, free security lockers, free use of the kitchen and free smiles as well as a strong commitment to sustainability. At times where preservation of nature is so crucial to the future of our planet, it is great to support companies that are trying to do their part to help, so you should always consider as a viable option when travelling.

  • Price

Travelling involves saving money for flights, food, accommodation and activities. Hostels, along with AirBnB’s, are one of the most accessible ways to travel, as usually, they offer a cheap form of accommodation. By utilizing a shared bathroom and/ or kitchen, you can cut down your housing expenses.

Even if you’re not up to room sharing with new people, many hostels have private rooms and bathrooms that are worth checking into for a fraction of a hotel room price. Besides, if you’re currently planning a trip you won’t spend a lot of time at the hostel anyway. You might as well save a little money on accommodation and splurge on more souvenirs… or beer.