Top 5 Things To Do in Australia


Australia is world famous for the natural wonders it possesses and the wide open spaces. Examples include Uluru, a massive stone monolith in the middle of the continent, the Great Barrier Reef off the east coast of Queensland known as the world’s largest coral reef and the Blue Mountains which is situated about 50 kilometers west of Sydney. Whether you are a native Australian, an immigrant or a visitor, certain things can be done.

No matter which city is visited, there are a lot of things to be done, a lot of tourist spots to be visited, a lot of foods to be eaten, that too if you are not a food lover. Yes, it is obvious that within a single visit, it is not possible to do all the things. However, the top things to do in Australia are stated below.


Street arts

Perhaps, Melbourne is the city which is most well-known for Australia’s creativity hub, its vibrant cafe hopping culture and at the same time having the best cup of coffee in the whole of Australia. In addition to that, the city represents cultural heritage, especially from Victoria’s historic architecture. One can also check out the amazing street art. For this very reason, Melbourne is also known as one of the street art capitals of the world.

Shopping paradise

Melbourne is recently becoming extremely popular as a paradise for shoppers. This is mainly because the city offers a wide range of varieties to the consumers, starting from the highly luxurious brands to anything people needs.

Wander through laneways

Even if you do not have anything specific to do at the moment, or make a visit to somewhere, and are simply being bored, then you can aimlessly wander through the laneways. This will not only make you refreshed and energized but at the same time, it will make your time enjoyable. You will not feel monotonous any more.

Praise Aboriginal art

Aboriginal art is heavily based upon the ancient stories of the Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal art is now internationally recognized for its beauty and symbolism. Melbourne is an excellent spot to learn about its history and importance of art in the culture of its time.

In Perth, one can see the skyline from Kings Park. Kings Park has a stunning location overlooking the Swan River, covering over 400 hectares.

One can also take a cruise on the Swan River. Exploring historic Fremantle can also be an option. Or people can even eat at Greenhouse.

In Brisbane, travelers can go for a dip at Streets Beach or wander through the air-conditioned halls of Qagoma. There is also another thing which is also quite interesting. This is riding the old lift up City Hall’s clock tower. This structure is quite primitive and also represents Australian heritage.

Last but not least, people can also celebrate Riverfire from a park. This is an incredibly soothing experience and makes your mind and the inner you very much calm and serene.