Top 5 Things You Must Do When Visiting Argentina


Argentina is a country that has something for just about anybody: big cities with an abundance of tourists attractions, historical museums, amazing culture to experience, an abundance of wildlife, massive waterfalls that are world famous, glaciers and tundra that make you feel like you’re in Alaska or Canada, absolutely incredible food, and dense jungles and rainforests that are really similar to the Amazon.

If you’re someone who loves adventure with absolutely no shortage of things to do, then you’ll definitely love Argentina. 

Here are the top five things you must do when you tour Argentina

Visit Iguazu Falls


Simply put, no trip to Argentina is truly complete without checking out Iguazu Falls. This is a world famous waterfall that is on the border of Brazil and Argentina. 

It’s also not actually one waterfall, but rather several waterfalls: two hundred and seventy five falls and cascades to be exact. All combine together at Iguazu, spanning over three kilometers in length. The main attraction is Devil’s Throat, which stands eighty meters tall and is the second highest waterfall in the world, next only to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. 

Go On A Glacier Expedition 


If you go into the Patagonia region in Argentina, you’ll notice that the country begins looking a lot less like South America and a lot more like Alaska or Scandinavia. Here, you’ll find vast open tundra, deep fjords, and massive glaciers.

Indeed, the glaciers in Argentina are one of the biggest tourist attractions to the country, and you have over three hundred different ones to choose from, including several in Los Glaciares National Park, which like Iguazu Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

El Chalten


El Chalten is a mountain village that has a very rich and authentic small town vibe to it. IT’s located next to several world class hiking trails, and is a must visit destination if you are a hiker or backpacker.

The village is specifically located at the border between Argentina and Chile, and effectively serves as a tourist gateway into Patagonia. 

Arguably the best hiking trail in the area is the Mount Fits Roy trail. This summit climb reaches over three thousand meters, and there are numerous other scenic trails that it branches off to as well. These trails will lead you to everything from valleys to forests to lagoons to glacier lakes and so on.

Stay In Bariloche


An alternative hiking option to El Chalten is Bariloche. Located at the foothills of the Andes, Bariloche is notable for its local brewing companies, stunning European architecture, and rich chocolate in addition to the truly scenic hikes that attract hikers and backpackers from all across the globe. 

One of the best known hiking trails in the area if the Refugio Frey trail. This is an eight hour hike that leads you to the Refugio Frey lodge (just make sure that you have a reservation, or else you won’t be allowed to stay).

What’s best about the Refugio Frey hike is the fact that it offers you stunning vistas of Andes Mountains scenery, while also being fairly easy and something that you can do in under a day. For this reason, it’s a better beginner hike than the trails you will find around El Chalten. 

Spend Several Days In Buenos Aires


You can spend several days in the largest city of Argentina and never run out of things to do. The nineteenth century architecture of the city is beautiful and often times makes you feel like you are in Europe rather than Argentina.

Downtown is a metropolis with the widest avenue and largest number of bookstores in the world. The city is also known for having some of the very best steak in the entire world as well. 

That’s also not to mention that Buenos Aires is where one of the world’s most famous dance forms, the tango, had its birthplace. You can experience the tango dance at a dinner and show combination, or you can alternatively take classes for a first hand experience at a countless number of venues throughout the city. 

Visiting Argentina 


Argentina is a land of unspoiled beauty and easily one of the most overlooked travel destinations in the entire world. When planning a trip to the country, any of the above things to do will definitely make your entire trip worthwhile.