Top 5 Tips on Buying the Motorhome of Your Dreams


Have you ever had to deal with loads of anxiety and stress while going on vacation? Long and annoying car rides, trying to find the right platform on the train station, or almost missing the bus – you’ve probably gone through at least one of those experiences yourself. However, there is a way to make traveling far more enjoyable and comfortable, and that’s buying your very own motorhome!

Motorhomes have loads of benefits, and the most basic one is making your vacation experience fully flexible and affordable. You won’t ever have to book hotel rooms, buy train tickets, or visit fast-food restaurants ever again! On top of that, instead of having to leave your pets behind, you will be able to take them with you!

However, buying a motorhome is no easy task. You need to consider many things before making a purchase – from your expectations and needs to your budget. To make it easier for you, we came up with a few useful tips on choosing a motorhome. Take a look!

Come up With a Reasonable Budget

Owning a brand-new vehicle will feel great until you start struggling to afford it. After all, a motorhome can be quite expensive. You need to consider your options very carefully and look into potentially buying second hand from companies such as

Additionally, keep in mind that the cost of buying a camper is only the beginning. You also need to pay for insurance, registration, maintenance and servicing. If you fail to include all of these additional expenses in your budget, you can quickly end up in financial trouble.

Buy a Coachbuilt that Meets Your Needs

Are you planning on taking your family with you? You might want to look into buying a coachbuilt, which can offer much more space than a regular campervan. You also need to think about how much time you will be spending on the road in the context of the storage space you will need for provisions. 

If you plan to take up to 6 people on your travels, you might want to look into buying an over-cab. The interior of that kind of motorhome extends over the driver area, providing lots of additional living space. As a result, it’s a perfect fit for families with kids! On the other hand, a low-profile coachbuilt is a much better option for couples. Thanks to numerous cupboards, they allow for more efficient storage of food supplies than other models. 

If you have a small fortune to spend on a motorhome, you can invest in an even higher standard of living on the road and buy an A-class coachbuilt instead! It’s perfect for those who want to go on long-distance adventures in maximum comfort. 

Analyze the Layout – Seats, Washrooms, Showers

Every motorhome comes with a slightly different layout and on-site faculties. Obviously, a built-in toilet and a shower come with a cost, so if you are keen on not having to walk to campsite facilities during the night, be prepared to spend a little bit more money.

If you are planning on taking passengers, you should also take care of their safety. To do that, you will have to provide them with separate seats and working seatbelts. Remember that some motorhomes are meant to be used by couples and might only have two seats.

Consider Investing in Additional Features

Most campervans come with a set of basic features, such as power sockets, a cooker, a fridge, and water containers. However, those are a bare minimum for most manufacturers. Motorhomes can have plenty of additional, more luxurious features, like hot water and a shower. 

Those features might be perceived as an overly expensive luxury by some, but if you aren’t on a tight budget, they are an excellent investment in your comfort while on the road. As such, they are worth looking into!

Seek Credible and Professional Advice

It might be tempting to ask for advice on choosing a motorhome on various Facebook groups. While it’s a great way to connect with fellow campers, the answers to any of your questions can get incredibly misleading.

Instead, you should seek professional advice in the Caravan and Motorhome Club or the Camping and Caravanning Club, both of which can serve as a very reliable source of information on the topic.


Buying a motorhome is a long-term investment. As such, it requires loads of careful consideration and planning, such as a comprehensive budget plan. It needs to take into account all of the expenses connected with the purchase, such as the maintenance costs. 

On top of that, you ought to look for credible information on the motorhome models that you are interested in buying. Such information can easily be found on the internet. You can look through numerous reviews, look up the manufacturer’s website, or ask special clubs and groups dedicated to experienced and knowledgeable motorhome owners. 

All in all, a motorhome is a great vehicle that comes with many benefits. If you are a fan of camping and want a fully flexible traveling experience, it’s definitely a great thing to spend your money on!