Top 6 beaches to visit in Greece


When someone mentions Greece, the cradle of civilization, we remember gyros, philosophy, democracy, the Olympics, olives, Greek mythology. But when summer comes our thoughts are flooded exclusively with beaches. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece that you must visit.

Balos (Crete)

Close your eyes and imagine a calm sea that has all the shades of green and blue, depending on the depth. Imagine those shades spilling over the white sand and impelling you to lie down for hours and feel the touch of the gentle waves.

Open your eyes and see the ”wild” and shyly hidden beach Balos, the most beautiful beach in Greece. It’s located on the western Crete near Kissamos, with its beautiful island Imeri Gramovousa, with a Venetian Castle, just like in the fairy tales.

Mythos Beach (Kefalonia)

Mythos is tucked away among steep, white cliffs that provide shade here and there. But is still reserved for those who want to have a tan. One of the beaches where you don’t have to go miles to swim. Definitely the most famous beach on this island therefore it is rightfully on the list of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. White sand, tiny white stones, and clear blue water that feels like you are in paradise.

The most beautiful beach in Lefkada, the untouched treasure Egremni

If you really want to sweat to get to an untouched, clean beach, there is a beach Engremni. IT is located on the beautiful Lefkada. You can reach the beach by boat or step. If you decide to go down to the beach without counting the steps, you will see, fine sand, azure blue sea, a clean and untouched beach.

The shipwreck ( Navagio)

Charming Navagio Beach can only be reached by boat. The beach is isolated from the world by very high rocks and cliffs. It is located on the island of Zakynthos. On the beach itself, under the white sand, a shipwreck can be seen and several cages. There may not be a treasure so divers from around the world are coming to explore and see the underwater world of the Ionian Sea. Therefore it is the most beautiful beach in Greece or at least in Zakynthos.

Agios Prokopios

Naxos island is one of the largest islands in Greece, and it has one of the most beautiful beaches and the longest in Greece, Agios Prokopios. The beach consists of kilometers of golden beach and crystal clear sea adhered to the sand. Fortunately, it is an urbanized beach so it means that is filled with bars, taverns, and accommodation studios.

Sarakiniko (Milos)

If you want to feel like you are on another planet and surrounded by white polished rocks and crystals, there is Skarakiniko Beach. The beach is located on the island of Milos, which is called the island of love. It is a popular place for honeymoons and weddings.

A magical place

Greece is a country with 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. In Greece, there is no place that is more than 85 miles (137 kilometers) away from the sea. It borders three seas, Aegean, Ionian, and the Mediterranean, and has about 2,000 islands. There is a place for everyone to be satisfied, even the most spoiled ones.