Top 6 Healthy Habits For Weight Loss



Obesity is a problem many people are facing around the world. Lack of exercising and consumption of foods rich in fat are two factors that lead to obesity. Obesity has been linked to many health problems such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes among others.

To ensure that you live a long and healthy life, you need to follow the top 6 healthy habits for weight loss described below.


Serve the required amount of food

Family meal times are great since they allow family members to eat together while sharing their day’s stories. This acts as a form of bonding. During meal preparation, different types of food are prepared so as to provide a variety. During serving, different bowls of food are filled and placed around the table for everyone to serve themselves. While this is good, health wise it is not. During such an as exercise, family members will end up serving more than the required amount. Why is that? It’s because by seeing a lot of food on the table, a person desires to add more. This leads to an unhealthy lifestyle especially if majority of the food was composed of unhealthy products.

To ensure each family members’ lives a healthy lifestyle, it is proper to serve a sizeable amount of food in individual plates which should be delivered on the table. The excess food should be left in the kitchen to eliminate temptations.

Rethink how you eat

Snacking is a favorite moment where many people get to eat snacks that are full of sugar and fat without minding their health. Snacking can be done during the day while at home or while at work. It can also be done while watching a movie or late into the night. Other eating habits that one needs to avoid include eating while cooking or finishing your children’s meals. By rethinking you’re eating habits, it gives your body the opportunity to fully utilize calories ingested. Having a schedule of what to eat and when helps train you to learn what to eat and the amount required. Take help of latest lifestyle fitness apps and techniques.

Shop when full

Nothing spells disaster than shopping at a grocery store while hungry. All those fruits and vegetables can spell disaster if one buys everything without a plan. You need to create a list of what to shop so as to eliminate chances of purchasing what will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. For a healthy lifestyle, shop for healthy fruits and vegetables that contain the necessary nutrients to help in making your body healthy.

Eat three meals only

Normal meal times are breakfast, lunch and dinner. Although these are the recommended durations to eat for a healthy living, many fail to observe them strictly. In people’s purses and bags, you will find a box of cookies or one may pass by a hot dog or burrito stand in the afternoon and order one. A practice of eating unhealthy foods after the required normal durations will lead to build up of calories and give rise to eating disorder . The excess calories will be converted into fats and stored around the hips, thighs and buttocks. This is the beginning of obesity. To prevent this, it is important for you to stick strictly to the normal meal times. Do not eat anything outside the normal meal times.

Eat a healthy snack

If you must snack, then you might as well do it healthy. A healthy snack should be composed of carbohydrates and small amounts of protein and fats. These means you can combine fruits and vegetables that when eaten will contribute the required nutrients to the body. For the fruits and vegetables, eat them whole. Do juice them as this will not eliminate their vital nutrients which are found in the fiber.

Eat while sitting

Even though you are in a hurry, eating while standing or walking is unhealthy. Such a practice leads to forgetting which means you will end up eating more than what your body requires health wise. Also you need to practice eating your meals from a plate and not packages. Eating while sited gives your body a resting posture therefore you will end up eating the required amount.


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