Top 6 Pigeon Forge Summer Activities & Things to Do


Summer vacations remain the best chance to travel worldwide, enjoy your time with the family unstressed, and explore new and exciting activities. This summer, plan a trip to Pigeon Forge, a city of Tennessee, standing beautifully amidst the Smokies. You’ll find great ethnic food, around fifty different types of pancakes, and a few fine wineries to explore!

It unquestionably offers a lot to the visitors for a small town, more than its luxurious waterparks and Dollywood. There are bird gardens for nature lovers and entertainment centers for kids of all ages, with different shows around the town for an exclusive musical or comical fun time. It’s an excellent place for a family picnic and offers a range of summer activities and other things to do. Let’s look at what Pigeon Forge has to offer: 

  1. Dollywood

Going to Pigeon Forge and not visiting Dollywood is like letting a good trip go in vain! It is not only an amusement park or recreational sightseeing; it is a whole fantastic experience. It offers many different rides, such as rollercoasters like Dragon Flier and Wild Eager for adults and bumper cars and swings for the kids. It has over fifty rides and attraction sites, along with several dining options for you to enjoy with your family. At night, there are extravaganza events such as wildlife demonstrations and a-cappella shows from the 60s. You might not be able to check out holiday festivals in the summers, but you can still plan a family picnic at the vast park and spend the whole day relaxing. If you don’t get to explore all the activities in one day, you can always come back the next day. Book a room in one of the nearest Pigeon Forge hotels for the day. Recent visitors have reportedly said that it’s not always possible to complete the whole tour of Dollywood in a day.

  1. Parrot Mountain and Gardens

If you love nature and enjoy looking at its colorful gifts to the world, then you have to visit Parrot Mountain and Gardens when you’re in Pigeon Forge. This attraction is a vast landscape of gardens, surrounded by the Smokies, and it’s a hidden gem because it shelters many incredible species.  Hundreds of tropical birds, and diverse flora ranging from beautiful flowers to giant trees, have made it their home. You will see toucans, cockatoos, parrots, macaws, and magpies in large numbers here, and some might even let you feed or hold them. It is a place worth visiting and a must-see because it’s unique and will help you pack several enjoyable memories to bring back home. Parrot Mountain and Gardens is not something you’d want to miss, even if it costs a little because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many!

  1. Music and Comedy Nights

Pigeon Forge offers a complete cultural experience with its world-class entertainment year-round, making it more than just a venue for summertime day activities with the kids. You can go for live music and dance nights at theatres like Country Tonite or participate in once-in-a-lifetime competitions like those at Lumberjack Feud. Take your friends to laughing-out-loud comedy shows at the Comedy Barn Theater or enjoy a family dinner show at the Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show. Eat whatever you crave at the moment, and simultaneously enjoy great skits, music, and magic tricks. All these great entertainment bases will leave you with an incredible traveling experience, one which you and your family will never forget.

  1. Luxury Water Parks

The best water park in Pigeon Forge is, hands-down, the Splash Country! Traveling during summers is not complete without exploring excellent water parks with pools and slides. Splash Country gives you a variety of slides, dozens of water rides, wave pools, whitewater rides, and winding, and so much more. You can visit their website before buying a ticket and learn how many rides you can enjoy as it lays out the complete guide from low impact to thrilling rides. It is the perfect place for a bit of adventure and a bit of relaxation with the family, and a great getaway from the summer heat. Ensure there has been no rain, as it has the policy to close down due to the lightning, but that’s not something to worry about during the summer. However, it may get a little crowded during summers, so make sure you are up for long lines but still, great fun!

  1. Outdoor Gravity Park

Summers are all about walking around, relishing in the sun’s warmth, and participating in various activities to stay active. Parks are one way to capture the essence of a good summer holiday perfectly, and the Outdoor Gravity Park is the one to must-visit when you’re at Pigeon Forge. It is the only park that allows zorbing – an unusual yet extreme sports activity from New Zealand. What you have to do is climb into a humongous 12-foot inflatable sphere and then roll down across several different terrains. It is an exciting activity that makes you laugh and scream as you bounce down, enjoying the bumps and the speeds. These amusement parks offer different tracks; some make it like zigzagging down the mountain. Others slip and slide with water inside the inflatable balls and enjoy the coolness in the summer.

  1. The Smoky Mountains

Pigeon Forge is famous for its great Smoky Mountains – and with the new tourism evolution, there have been some adventurous ideas to get familiar with these mountains. The Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster is one fantastic way to explore the Smoky Mountains. It is a scenic and adventurous ride for people of all ages, taking you through the circles of forest and mountains, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful sights along the way. Even at night, the tracks of the coasters get lit up with colorful lights, which gives off a romantic vibe. The best part, though, is that the rider can control the speed of their coaster, enjoying it at a thrillingly high or a slow and steady pace. The sled can only go as fast as 27 mph, but it feels almost like a roller coaster when coming down the hill. The Smoky Mountain Alpine is an exciting attraction that allows you to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, if you’re traveling alone, look for discounts or join other groups on the ride, which can be a little pricey for one person.


Remember that you owe yourself a good summer, and our family deserves a nice vacation outside of the confines of their home. It is a quick and easy getaway that will leave your kids with unforgettable memories to look at and you with not much lighter of a pocket because it’s affordable, too.