Top 6 Tips for Parents to Make Sports Centered Trip a Memorable One


If you are a parent of young sportsmen/athletes and planning to go for a trip that will be either a sports-centered trip or enjoying any sports event then you are in the right place.

Yes, This guide is for you where I am going to give you the top 6 tips to make your trip hassle-free and make it a memorable one.

Let’s get to the points.

  1. Research Neighborhoods Thoroughly and Book a Good Hotel

No matter whether you are going to watch any sports tournament or it is just a trip over the holiday break, you will want to make the most use of the trip.

That’s why you should do a good research on that place(city/state), particularly if you are visiting that place for the first time. Based on your research you should go for booking a suitable hotel that is located at the nearest position to your favorite entertaining spots.

Well, not only the entertaining spots, you should have the restaurants, gas stations, car workshops etc at the hotel’s nearby. If you are not taking your car, then you may want to find a hotel that is adjacent to the shuttle service.

You can always take the assistance of Google Map to check the nearby places of any hotel.


Not to mention, when you are choosing a hotel you must check if there is any discount going on there. You can always check through the sites like or TripAdvisor for finding any discount if available.

Especially if you are going to see any tournament, then there is a big possibility that the hotels that are affiliated with the event offering some sort of discounts for you.

If you want to save on eating out then you can check the site like Airbnb to rent a house/condo/hotels with kitchen.

  1. Pack Gears for Sports, Entertainment, and of course Your Car

No matter how far you are heading to from your home, consider the trip as a mini road trip, and of course, make the days you will spend with your family a memorable one.

So make sure you are taking your packings seriously.

First thing first

Check your car if it requires any maintenance before your journey. If so then go for it. Take all the necessary tools that you need for your car. For example spare tires, tool box, winch, etc. If you are owning an electric car then probably a good car charger. You can check Reviewer Tips for reviews on different tools, automotive, and outdoor related items.

Don’t forget to pack sports items like a soccer ball, tennis balls, tennis racquets, etc to spend some good times outside with your kids during the tour. If you are not sure what items to buy and what is the best, you can check Team Sports Mania to get more knowledge on different sports-related items.

Download necessary apps for the entertainment of your family. Of course, don’t forget to check the weather forecast of your destination and take the necessary belongings like an umbrella or winter clothes or maybe sunscreen based on the weather report.

When you are packing consider everyone who is traveling with you on your list. Any of your family members may have some favorite bedtime buddies. Double check if you have taken that or not.

It’s always good to take your and your family’s favorite snacks and drinks in your car, and it never hurts to keep first aid kit with you as well.

  1. Taste Local Foods and Visit Historic Places

What fun is it to visit a place without tasting its local foods and visiting the historic attractions?

No historic attraction in the city? Who cares? At least visit some parks, theme parks for the sake of your kid’s entertainment.

Simply use the Google trip planner to plan your trip. It’s easy sneezy. Just type in the city and Google will suggest you the places. 

If you are a foodaholic or not, it’s always fun to taste the local food. If you have no idea about the main food attraction of your destination you can download apps like Eat24, Foursquare, Urbanspoon, etc.

Don’t forget to take your camera or at least use your phone to capture all the great moments.

Remember, it is not only about enjoying with own family, but mingling with other families as well. Meet and know other families who have come to enjoy the same event, share foods with them, build a good relationship to make the event a more memorable one.

  1. Must Visit Sports Museum or Hall of Fame if There is Any

Since this is going to be a tour that is sports centered, so why should you miss visiting the sports museum or Hall of Fame if there is any? Click here to open the map where about 300+ sports museums and hall of fame are listed.

  1. Dress Properly if You are Going To a Sports Event

This particular point is for you only if you are going to visit any sporting event.

Look, there might be some a tradition related to the dress code of a particular game’s audiences. Do the proper research beforehand and wear the proper dress on the event day.

Sounds strange?

See, if you are going to enjoy the horse race, then it is better to wear dressy hats if you are a woman, and don bow ties if you are a man. If you are going to enjoy a tennis match, you should prefer to wear a white dress. At a golf tournament, preppy plaids are a perfect choice.

Like this, any game can have traditional dresses for their audiences. Better follow it.

  1. Always be Prepared for Injuries

Earlier we told you to keep first aid kit in your car. Remember to put the sports injury related stuff like pain relieving spray, cotton, cold packs, bandages, etc. That’s ok for minor injuries.

But remember, sports injuries can be a severe one particularly if your kids are going to play soccer, football or hockey.

So be prepared for that. If you need to do anything related to insurance depending on your country, do it.

Final Words

Sports travel is always a fun, especially if your whole family can join the trip. Try to make the trip a memorable one as much as possible.

I just tried to point out six must do points to make the tour organized. But there is a lot of stuff you can do make the trip better. Plan ahead with these tips and make the trip better than ever. Enjoy!