Top 7 Healthy Hemp Foods to Try


Image Credit: Pixabay

There are many of us out there who are trying to make sure that we are having the healthiest lifestyles that we possibly can. That being said, there are a lot of things that you can do with hemp so that you can actually get the healthiest results for whatever it is that you’re trying to do. Here’s a list of the top 7 healthy hemp foods that you can try out for yourself.

  1. Hempseeds. Many people use hempseeds in pretty much anything and everything that you can imagine. It gives a nice little boost to a protein shake and it can actually help you to have some additional energy when it comes to other activities as well.
  2. Hemp Oil. This is probably the most well-known of the hemp foods, because people use it in a number of different ways. When you try CBD from American Hemp Oil and other places, you will find that it actually makes a difference in cooking. It tastes nuttier and is healthier than olive oil and flaxseed oil.
  3. Hemp Granola. When you are looking for trail mix that has a little bit of additional nutritional value, you can get it from hemp-based granola. Made in much of the same way as standard granola, you will find that the healthy oils that are found in hemp are a positive addition to your diet, no matter what that looks like.
  4. Hemp Milk.Do you have a milk allergy, are you vegan, or do you just have to be careful with how much milk that you consume? Maybe you just want to make sure that you’re eating as healthy as possible. Like almond milk and soy milk, hemp milk is a delicious tasting alternative that you can utilize in order to ensure that you’re getting your nutrients without sacrificing your values or needs.
  5. Hemp Seed Butter. It probably makes sense that, since you can make milk with hemp seeds, that you are also easily able to make butter. This can be used as a butter substitute and, while it definitely tastes a bit different, you will find that it can be a great way to add more healthy oils to your diet.
  6. Hemp Nuts. Nuts are a great part of our diets, but some of us have allergies or are worried about consuming too much. With hemp nuts, you don’t have to worry about those issues too much as you get into everything that they have to offer. Try them out and see why more people have started to have this as a snack instead of other nut alternatives that may be available out there.
  7. Hemp Protein Products. If you want your protein shakes and the like to be able to pack a punch, you will find that it’s that much better to use a hemp-based protein product instead of any of the others that you may want to go ahead and consider. Look around at your local health food store to find some of this.